Changing Netflix Profiles on a Roku Streaming Stick

If you use a lot of streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO Go, and Hulu Plus but don’t have a smart TV that can connect you with those platforms directly, your best bet may be the Roku Streaming Stick. However, while Roku’s handy USB dongle device provides apps for all or most streaming platforms, some users have difficulty figuring out how to sign out of one Netflix account and into another. Here’s how to pull the profile switch in just a few minutes.

Step 1
Open the Roku device menu on your TV, and navigate to the Roku home menu. You should see a list of options—including “My Channels,” “Channel Search,” “Store,” and “Settings.” Select the “My Channels” tab.

Step 2
On your channels list, you should see your Netflix app. Highlight the app using your remote’s directional buttons, then press the star key on the remote to edit the app.

Step 3
Select the “Remove channel” option. This action will delete Netflix from your Roku app/channel list.

Step 4
Return to the Roku home screen and select “Channel Store” from the list. Find Netflix in the store, re-download it to the device, and log in with a different account.

Switching Netflix profiles on the Roku Streaming Stick is, perhaps, not as easy as it should be. However, by using the steps above, you will be able to swap between Netflix profiles without spending much more time than you would by simply logging out of one account and into another.