Check Data Usage of a FaceTime Call In iOS 11

Since your Internet is used while making or receiving a FaceTime video or audio call, it might be important for you to keep track of the bandwidth consumed for each calling session, especially when you’re on a metered and/or capped network.
Regular monitoring helps you decide when, and to or from whom you want to make or receive a FaceTime call respectively.
Checking data usage of a FaceTime call is simple. Here’s how:
    Open FaceTime
    From the Home screen, locate and tap the FaceTime icon. This launches the FaceTime app that lets you check the logs of previous audio or video FaceTime calls, or make or receive new calls to or from your friends, colleagues, or relatives respectively.

    Choose a log type
    From the top, tap the Audio tab or leave the Video tab selected. The while tapping the Audio tab shows all the logs for FaceTime audio calls, leaving the Video tab selected (default) shows the logs for all the video calls that you’ve made or received on your FaceTime app.

    Check the data usage

Tap the Details icon (icon with i inside a circle) from the right end of the call log. This opens the contact’s profile window, and lets you check the data usage of the call in the second row.

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