Configuring BitDefender in Home LAN Environment

When you install BitDefender or any other such security application on your home computer, your main intension is to protect your PC from virus attacks, unwanted data theft, and intrusions. Understanding this requirement, BitDefender automatically blocks communication of the computer on which it is installed with other devices connected to the same network. In home networks, such devices typically include other PCs, smartphones, Tablet devices, etc.

Since the communication is blocked, you, as an end user, might not be able to exchange the files with other devices. For security reasons, this default nature of BitDefender security application is perfect, and does not require any manual intervention and/or modifications. However, there might be instances where you want the computers and other devices within your local network to communicate with each other for the sake of information exchange. In order to allow communication between all or some specific devices within your local area network, you must set the IP address of the corresponding devices to Allow. When this happens, the computer on which BitDefender is installed starts communicating with the other device whose IP address was set to Allow.

Although the modifications in the LAN card security settings can easily allow or block communication between the computer and other networks or the Internet, with the help of IP address addition process, the security can be configured far granularly as compared to the options.

Apart from allowing the IP addresses manually to enable communication between two devices, BitDefender also has a feature that allows you to create a BitDefender specific LAN environment and add all the BitDefender devices to it to allow communication between them. However this setup is only possible when all the computers in the network have BitDefender installed on them, and they all are added to a common BitDefender specific network.

Following steps may be followed to configure Bit Defender in Home LAN environment:

    ■Use Windows administrator account to log on to the computer.

    ■From system tray, right-click BitDefender.

    ■From the displayed context menu, click Show.

    ■In the opened window, click Firewall.


    ■Under the Network tab, under Zones section, click the + button.


    ■From the displayed IP addresses list, select the required IP address and click the Allow button.


    ■Click OK when done.

    ■Restart the computer to allow the changes to take effect.

Now, only the systems with the allowed IP addresses will be able to access you computer.
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