Connect Alexa to Samsung Smart TV

Alexa is compatible with the SmartThings Hub. This allows you to connect your Samsung Smart TV to Alexa. The process is easy and once completed, it will allow Alexa to control your Samsung Smart TV remotely. You can then issue commands to Alexa to turn on/off the TV or change the channel without getting up from your seat.

The first step is to connect your Samsung Smart TV with the SmartThings Hub. Note that not all Samsung Smart TVs are compatible with the SmartThings Hub. The compatible Samsung TV has its fifth and sixth code as “KS” or “KU” followed by number “6” or greater.

If your Samsung Smart TV is compatible, power it ON and connect to your local network. Note that your Samsung Smart TV must be on the same network with SmartThings Hub to connect. The condition of your Wi-Fi network may affect the performance. Once you have established connection, press the button on your TV remote and select “Settings.” Navigate to “System” and select “Samsung Account.” Sign into your Samsung account and notice your TV show up on your SmartThings mobile app.

Done by connecting your TV to your SmartThings Hub, the next step is to connect your SmartThings Hub to Alexa. Open Alexa Amazon app. on your mobile device.
Tap on the Menu button on the top left of the screen to reveal a drop down menu. Navigate to Smart Home.

1. Tap on get more Smart Home skills.

2. In the search bar above type “Smarthings” and click on Search.

3. It should bring out a list of options. Select SmartThings. Tap on “Enable.”

4. It will open to a new window requesting you to log into your SmartThings account. Fill in the required details and tap “Sign in”.

5. If the details you provided are correct, it will open a new page that has a bar with a drop down arrow. Click on the bar and select “” and click Authorize.

6. You will get a success message that says “Alexa has been successfully linked with SmartThings.”

7. Close the window. You should notice a pop-up menu. Tap on “Discover devices”.

8. You will notice that the SmartThings skill has been added to your Alexa app. Beneath the SmartThings skill, you will see a blue button, “Discover.” Tap on it for Alexa to see all devices connected to the SmartThings Hub.

You can now control your Samsung Smart TV by issuing a command starting with the prompt, “Alexa.”

“Alexa, turn on/off the television”
“Alexa, change the television to channel 5”
“Alexa, turn up/down the volume”
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