Connect Sonos to Samsung Smart TV

Sonos multiple speakers gives you the opportunity to listen to streamed music from a wide range of devices to multiple wireless speakers that can be placed in different parts of the room. Sonos eliminates the hitherto limitations occasioned by using wired players. Connecting Sonos to your Samsung Smart TV is simple. Follow the steps below to get it done.
Unbox your Sonos to reveal the device, the manual, the power cord, the optical cable, and the RJ 45 jack. The Sonos Playbar has two hooks (wall mounts) underneath that allow you to mount it on the television.

The first step is to plug one end of your power cord to the Sonos and plug the other end to a wall socket. Be sure that you flip ON the switch of the wall socket only when you are done connecting the necessary cables.

Next to the opening for the wall socket is a space for you to plug your optical cable. Plug one end of the optical cable to the Sonos player and the other end to your Samsung Smart TV.

Once you are done with the connections, you are ready to configure your Sonos to be compatible with your Samsung Smart TV. You can do this by using the Sonos app installed on your mobile device. Make sure your Sonos and Samsung Smart TV are turned ON.

On the Sonos app, click on the settings button to open a new window. On the new window, tap “Add a Sonos Component” on the top left corner. A pop-up “Sonos Setup” window will emerge.

To add your Sonos component, you will need to press the “Mute button” and the “+ Volume” button together and release after three seconds. This instruction will also be displayed on the pop-up window of your Sonos Setup screen.

Once you do this, it will connect with your app and you should notice the indicator light turn green.

The app will tell you that, “You are now ready to choose the room the PLAYBAR will be used in”. Tap on “NEXT” as shown in the image.

It will bring out a list of rooms for you to choose. Select the one you want and press next.

If you have a Sonos SUB, you can add it at this stage; if not, tap “Not Now.”

You will be asked to add the PLAY 3 Surround Speaker. If you don’t have, it you can click on “Not Now”.

The setup will continue without the two components. Click on “Next” to continue. The app will check for updates. You can skip this step and do it later.

Once the update has been completed, it will ask you to connect the optical cable. Since you have done this click on “Next,”

It will ask you to turn TV on to a show or movie. Do that and press “Next.”

You will be asked to disable your TV speaker. The app will give you a guide on how to do this.

The next step is to configure your TV remote. You will be asked to point the remote at the Sonos and press the “+ Volume” button.

Once you are done, you don’t need the app to control the volume because you can now do it with your TV remote.