Create a Recovery Disk for Acer Windows 8 Laptop

You never know when you are going to need to recover the system on your Acer Windows 8 laptop or if you will have access to the Windows operating system when you need to do so. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to take the following steps as a precautionary measure right when you get your Acer computer, so you will have a USB recovery disk just in case you ever need it.

Step 1: From the start screen, do a search for “Recovery.” You will see “Acer Recovery Management” as one of your search results. Select it. You will be asked if you want to allow the recovery management program to your computer, to which you should respond, “Yes.” Don’t worry, we won’t be making any changes right away. A window will launch welcoming you to Acer Recovery Management.

There is a lot to take in on this screen, including buttons to restore to factory settings and reinstall drivers. Direct your attention to the bottom of the window, where you will see an option to “Create Factory Default Backup.” By clicking on this option, you will launch a new Recovery Drive window.

Step 2: The new window will allow you to create a recovery drive with a USB memory stick. Simply check the box next to “Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive.” Then click “Next.” The system will scan for drives that you can use for recovery purposes.

If you have a USB drive plugged into your computer, the drive will come up in this window. Select it to tell the computer that you do, indeed, want to use the drive as a destination for your copied recovery partition. Your flash drive will likely have to be rather large to fit everything. You can also use an external hard drive.

Step 3: Click “Next,” and the system will ask you if you want to wipe the USB drive and use it as a recovery disc. Click “Create,” and your computer will prepare the recovery disk. Allow your computer time to copy over all the necessary files. When the process completes, click “Finish.


Don’t let a system error or an aggressive virus ruin your chance of salvaging your Acer Windows 8 laptop without having to pay someone to help you. Use the steps above to create a USB backup disk now, so you will always be able to start from scratch if necessary.