Create Watch Face for Your Sony Smartwatch

Sony smartwatches allow you to create customized watch faces that you can use on your watch to change its look. In order to create a watch face for your Sony smartwatch, your watch must be paired with an Android smartphone, and you must have the SmartWatch 2 SW2 app installed on your smartphone as well.

Once everything is in place, you can follow the steps given below to create a custom watch face for your Sony smartwatch:

    ■Make sure that the Sony smartwatch is paired with your Android Smartphone.
    ■Assuming that you have already installed SmartWatch 2 SW2 on your Android smartphone, tap the SmartWatch2 icon to launch the app.
    Note: You can download the SmartWatch 2 SW2 app from this link.
    ■Once the app opens up, under the Watch faces section, tap Edit watch faces.
    ■When you are on the Edit watch faces window, tap the ‘+’ sign from the top-right corner.
    ■Once the next window is displayed, from the bottom, hold and drag the desired options to put them on the watchface and create a custom one.
    Note: You can pick the Clock, Bluetooth, Battery percentage and many other options by sliding the lower-most interface to the left or right.
    ■Once the things are in the correct order as per your preference and the watchface of the Sony smartwatch shows up with the newly created ingredients, tap the Home button to quit the phone’s window.
    ■After creating a custom watchface, you can set it on your Sony smartwatch normally.