Disable Error Reporting in Windows 8 on Your Laptop

By default Windows 8 is set up to send anonymous reports to the Microsoft development team every time an error occurs with the operating system. Windows 8 not only sends the anonymous reports, but it also searches for the possible solution for the error and notifies you accordingly.

It is suggested that you do not disable Error Reporting in your Windows 8 laptop as it helps Microsoft improve its products, and searches and gives you the best available solution for the errors that may occur while using your laptop.

However, some people might not want their operating system to send any information to Microsoft, even if it is helpful for the development team. You can follow the steps given below to disable Error Reporting from your Windows 8 laptop:

    ■Log on to your Windows 8 laptop with an administrator account.
    ■Once you are on the Start screen, click the Desktop tile.

    ■From the desktop window, hover the mouse to the bottom-right corner of the screen.
    ■From the displayed Charms bar, click Settings.

    ■On the Settings pane that comes up, click Control Panel from the upper section.

    ■When the Control Panel window opens, ensure that the Category option is selected in the View by list from the top-right corner.
    ■In the Control Panel window itself, click the System and Security category.

    ■On the System and Security window, click Action Center from the right pane.

    ■Once you are in the Action Center window, from the left pane, click the Change Action Center settings link.

    ■On the opened Change Action Center settings window, click the Problem reporting settings link from the bottom.

    ■When the Problem Reporting Settings window opens, click to select the Never check for solutions (not recommended) radio button to completely disable Error Reporting in your Windows 8 laptop.