Disconnect Your Twitter Feeds from Facebook with IFTTT

If you are looking forward to disconnect your Twitter feeds from Facebook, it might mean that you are overwhelmed with the overpopulated Twitter updates on your Facebook account.

The end-user experiences of Facebook and Twitter are pretty different. If your Twitter and Facebook accounts are synchronized, and if any activity takes place on your Twitter account, your Facebook news feeds can be bombarded with the automatic postings and updates.

In order to stop and disconnect the Twitter feeds from getting posted on your Facebook timeline automatically, the “if Twitter then Facebook” recipe must be deleted using the IFTTT app.

Here’s how:

    ■Power on your Android phone.
    ■Once the phone is unlocked, tap the Menu button to open apps list.

    ■Locate and tap the IFTTT icon to open the IFTTT app.

    Note: If your Twitter account is connected to the Facebook account with the IFTTT app, both the IFTTT and the Twitter apps must be installed on your Android mobile phone. In case the apps are not installed, you can visit the Google Play Store and get them installed before continuing any further.
    ■After installing both the apps, open the IFTTT app, and on the opened interface, swipe the screen to the left to go to My Recipes.
    ■Once there, tap the recipe named if Twitter then Facebook in order to open the recipe options.

    ■On the opened interface, scroll down and tap the Delete button to delete the selected recipe.


Deleting the recipe will disconnect your Facebook account from Twitter. By doing so, the Twitter posts will not be replicated to your Facebook timeline any further. To make sure that your account is disconnected properly, post a tweet on the Twitter account using the Twitter app, and check if the tweet is posted on your Facebook account.

Note: The other option to disconnect your Facebook account from the Twitter feeds is to remove the Twitter app from the Facebook apps list. However this option can be used only from a PC, and not from any Android device.