Easy Virtual Reality Set Up Guide for HTC Vive

Easy Virtual Reality Set Up Guide for HTC Vive
Before you start your set up for HTC Vive be sure that you have picked the proper place, or better said your play area and pick environment that will not distract you.

This are the required steps you should take to start this VR experience:

1. Install the software.
• Install HTC Vive Setup - visit the following link: http://www.htcvive.com/setup
• Install Steam – visit the following link : http://www.steampowered.com
• Follow the steps on screen so you can successfully finish the installation.


2. Set up the base stations in your play area.
• In your box you have 2 base stations, 2 power adapters and 2 mounting brackets
• Base stations should be mounted on your wall, the required height is 2 meters ( 6 ½ feet) and they should be in opposite corners for best tracking
• Secure the base stations on the mounted positions, screw them just enough to be stable and oriented
• Angle the base stations 35-40 degrees down, they should point to your play area and make sure that they have unobstructed view of the other base station
• Connect the power cables to the base stations, plug the power adapters and remove the protective films. They will automatically turn on and their status light should be green.
• The base stations will show two letters on their screens b and c. If they are placed where they can't see each other and the status color is purple, then connect them with the sync cable and set the base station labeled c to a by pressing the channel button located on the back of the base station.


3. Set up the Vive headset
• From the box get your Vive headset, the link box, the link box power adapter, the USB cable and the HDMI cable.
• Plug in the power adapter and connect it to the link box.
• Connect the Link box with the USB and the HDMI cable to your computer box.
• Connect the 3 in 1 cable from the headset to the link box.



4. Set up the Vive controllers
• Turn on the controllers by pressing the system button. They are already charged but if they don't turn on charge them using the power adapter for controllers.


5. Room Setup
• Use the SteamVR set up and follow the required steps.

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