Editing the Autocorrect Dictionary on Android Tablets

Whether you accidentally added a misspelled word to your Android tablet’s autocorrect dictionary, or just want to stop your device from correcting certain made-up words that you like to use in everyday text conversations, the easiest way to avoid autocorrect frustration or embarrassment is to edit your device’s autocorrect dictionary altogether. The steps below will help you do just that.

Step 1
Depending on which Android device you’re using, the instructions to edit your tablet’s autocorrect dictionary may vary slightly. However, in most cases, the option to do so will be found by going to the “Settings Menu” and looking under the “Language & Input” section.

Step 2
If you see a “User dictionary” or “Personal dictionary” option, select it. This action should allow you to access the list of the words your Android tablet has learned from you. You can add or delete words here, and overall just edit the autocorrect dictionary to something that will help you rather than hinder you.

Step 3
If you don’t see a “User dictionary” or “Personal dictionary” option, then your autocorrect dictionary is probably under the keyboard options on this same menu. Look in the keyboard options you are given for a place where you can edit predictive text and add or remove words from your dictionary.

The autocorrect function can be hugely helpful, but it can also consistently replace the words you mean to use with words that will embarrass you or make your texts and emails borderline incomprehensible. By editing the autocorrect dictionary on your Android tablet, you can take control of the situation and prevent such issues from persisting in the future.