How Can I Increase the Battery Life of My Android Tablet/Mobile?

How Can I Increase the Battery Life of My Android Tablet/Mobile?

The applications and other enhanced features of an Android mobile/tablet consume a lot of battery power. This not only decreases the battery life but one has to charge their device frequently. However if an Android user can make its battery last for more than a day by not keeping it in idle state, that person can be termed as a smart Android tablet/mobile user. The battery backup of an Android mobile not only depends upon the battery power but there are many other factors responsible for reducing the power drain from the battery.

Here are some ways that can prove helpful in ensuring longer battery life:

  • ■If high speed for data usage is not required try to use 2G network in place of 3G.
    ■Unnecessary brightness i.e. over brightness should be reduced. In some devices Android display is visible even if the backlight of the phone is turned off. Another way to achieve the same is to use auto brightness feature along with the power saving mode.


    ■Black background should be put into use most of the time if AMOLED screen is present in your phone. Great amount of power reduction can be seen in case the black display is used in place of some other color in AMOLED screens.
    ■Screen timeout time should be reduced to as much as possible. By the use of this feature screen will automatically turn off if the device is inactive even after the selected period of time.
    ■Turn off the Wi-Fi network access as soon as your work is done. The network signal adapter present in the device which grabs the signals that are being transmitted from the router also consume some of the power.
    ■Bluetooth should also be kept turned off if it is not required. The reason is same as that for Wi Fi network access.
    ■GPS should be turned on only when required. Your device continues to search for satellites if the GPS is in active mode. This makes device’s processor update the information continuously even if the GPS oriented app on the phone is not running.
    ■Avoid using vibration mode present in the device. The little gadget that produces the vibration within the phone consumes the power every time it turns on.
    ■Close the app after its work is done.
    ■Change the mode of the phone to stand by when there is no use.
    ■Avoid over charging and frequent charging of the device.
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