How Does Fire TV Cube Compare with Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

The almighty trident that Amazon has prepared to struggle against all competitors in the harsh ecosystem of the streaming-services devices has proved to be very useful to them in a handful of ways opening new business niches and making their own content stronger than ever.

Numbers show that they have sold many units of each of the devices, but when you are ready, as a customer, to make the purchase, the question still arises about which one suits your needs the best. They vary as much as many customer´ tastes. Read on and find out which are the differences between them before you make a buying decision.

Resolution: Is it Compatible with 4K?
If you happen to own a 4K-resolution TV, you need a device that is compatible with it to make the most out of your state-of-the-art apparatus, otherwise you will be throwing your money away. The most expensive models: Fire TV Cube and Fire TV are fully compatible with this revolutionary resolution. The cheapest version, the Fire TV Stick does not support it.

High Dynamic Range
Because 4K alone is not all the story without having a High Dynamic Range, this is a crucial spec on the device you´re planning to buy. The color definition makes the spectacular WOW factor activated or off. The palettes just look better and the vibrant speed sequences come to life, even more, when this pair is on. While the Fire TV Cube and Fire TV (most expensive models) are fully compatible with 4K definition and HDR, the Fire TV Stick is not designed for such technology.

Integration with Alexa
Alexa is a revolutionary assistance in the form of a female voice that can help you find shortcuts to go where you need to in one single command. The three devices will support Alexa integration, but only the Fire TV Cube will control all the inputs and devices connected to your TV. The microphones ready for far-field voice commands and the built-in speaker give the Fire TV Cube several points of advantage against the two other (cheaper) models.

Use for Gaming
The big difference between the Fire TV Stick and the other two more sophisticated models is that it will not support highly-demanding games. If you are a fan of Max Payne, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto or The Walking Dead, you will be short in specs with the Fire TV Stick. This cheaper and simpler device is designed for light-weight games such as Wind-Up Knight. The choice in this department is completely dependent on how important is gaming for you.
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