Question Fire tv cube 3rd gen and ntfs ssd


Aug 19, 2013

I know that the latest gen of the cube does support ntfs finally, but with external ssd/hdd there isn't enough power from the usb port on the cube. My ssdd is in an enclosure with a usb socket, so if it needs to draw additional power, as I am assuming that I am going to need some kind of splitter which ...

1) My ssd usb cable can plug into
2) something that can connect to the cube via another usb cable (I have plenty of usb cables, same connection both ends, off the Sabrent enclosures)
3) something that can be powered by mains?

A standard usb hub wont work obviously, even if powered via mains, as the hard drive would be plugged into the hub, but effectively isn't connected to the cube, which would be just plugged into a port on the hub.

What recommendations do people have? Preferably links to products on amazon uk please.

Thanks for all your time guys.