How to Activate Sssistive Technologies for Fire OS

Accessibility is the extent to which a customer who has a certain disability can use a given service or product. Services and products that are accessible make it easy for users having various disabilities to use the services or products efficiently and easily.

Systems that are accessible are made of three main components which are:
  • i. Assistive technology
    ii. Accessibility framework
    iii. Application being made accessible
Assistive technologies on any device make it easy for a person having any disability to achieve a given assignment or use a certain service or product. Some of the assistive machineries are wheel chairs for people who have challenges in walking, a software that magnifies the screen for anyone with low vision, and a software that enhances reading for blind users.

Assistive technologies used in Fire Tablets
There are various assistive technologies that are currently supported by Fire OS on Fire tablets. Some of the technologies supported by for Fire OS assistive technologies are:
1. Screen Magnifier:
Enables a person who is visually impaired to see a larger version of the screen
2. VoiceView:
Helps a blind user to interrelate with several objects displayed on a screen through speech output and or via keyboard input or touch.
3. Large Font:
Increases the size of the font during the period the impaired person is using it.
4.Color Inversion:
Helps one to read and view content on the Fire tablet using the available color blends for background and text colors.
5. Color correction:
Adjusts the color of the screen to assist anyone who is color blind to differentiate multiple colors
6. Stereo to Mono Audio:
Makes it possible to change the stereo audio set up from previous mode to mono on the Fire tablet to help a definite ear bud receive sound in a clearer manner.

To activate any of the assistive technologies above, use the steps below:
1. Click on 'Settings', tap 'Accessibility', then 'VoiceView' (or any other assistive technology you need), and enable.

2. Tap the item that appears on the screen
This moves the specific item to assistive technology you want. When any item has an assistive technology focus, there appears a colored shape surrounding it. If the user moves the assistive technology (for instance voice view) to the item under focus, voice view speaks the description of the item, and the user is able to understand what it is and what it does. Tap any part of the screen to initiate the item appearing on the screen.
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