How to Add Two-Step Authentication to Your Apple ID

Your Apple ID can be protected with two-step authentication in order to add an additional layer of security to your account. Just like enabling two-step authentication on other profiles, the process to do so with your Apple ID also requires that your cellphone number be associated with the ID.

Here is how you can enable two-step authentication for your Apple ID.

    ■Log on to your Windows/Mac PC.
    ■Open your favorite web browser.
    ■In the address bar, type to go to the My Apple ID interface.
    ■Once the My Apple ID window comes up, from the right pane, click the Manage your Apple ID button.

    ■On the Sign In interface from the right pane, provide your Apple account credentials in the appropriate fields, and click Sign In.

    ■From the next interface, under the left pane, click the Password and Security option.

    ■From the right pane, under the Please answer your security questions section, provide the correct details to verify your identity.
    ■Click Continue from the bottom to proceed.
    ■Once the Manage your security setting window opens up, under the Two-Step Verification section, click the Get started link.

    ■On the Two-Step Verification for Apple ID section, click Continue.

    ■Click Continue on the Simple and more secure interface as well.

    ■When the Important things to remember interface appears, click the Get Started button.

    ■On the next interface, click Add a phone number to add your primary number to which you have access and you can receive SMS through it.

    ■On the Add Phone Number popup box, provide your phone number and click Next.

    ■On the Verify Phone Number box, provide the verification code that you received on your given phone number.

    ■Once you have verified your account, click Continue to proceed to the next step.
    ■Once you have received your recovery key, either note down the key for future use, or you can print the key by clicking the Print Key button from the bottom.
    ■Click Continue to go to the next step.

    ■On the next interface, provide your recovery key in the appropriate field and click Confirm from the bottom.

    ■Finally, check the I understand the conditions above checkbox, and click Enable two-step verification.

    ■Once you have enabled the two-step verification for your Apple device, click Done to conclude.