How to Apply for a Job on LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn is a social networking site that is mostly used by professionals, it also allows employers to post the job vacancies on the site. If you are a LinkedIn user, you can easily search for the jobs related to your area of expertise and apply online.

You can apply for a job on LinkedIn with either a free or Premium (paid) account,

With the basic account, when you view the job and the job description, you are allowed to apply for the job directly on the employer’s website where you can be redirected by clicking the corresponding button.

Here is how you can search and apply for a job on LinkedIn:

    ■Open your favorite web browser on your computer and sign-in to your LinkedIn account.
    ■On your LinkedIn profile, click Jobs from the menu bar at the top.

    ■On the Jobs page that opens, in the available field at the top, type the keywords related to the job you are looking for.
    ■Optionally, you can also provide additional information regarding your preferences for the job such as work location, company size, etc. in the available fields.
    ■Once you are satisfied with the typed keywords and given criteria, click the Search button to let LinkedIn search the appropriate jobs for you.

    ■On the search results page, choose the appropriate job for you from the available list, and click the View button to view the job description.

    ■On the next page that comes up, go through the job description and its requirements thoroughly, and click the Apply on company website button available at the top when done.

    ■On the opened company's website, choose the appropriate options and populate the fields with correct information.