How to automate your home with your Galaxy S7


Whether it’s turning up the heat or air just before we get home or turning all the lights off for us as we leave, home automation offers lot of scope for quality of life improvements. While it may seem the stuff of science fiction, there is a lot available right now and some of it can be controlled from your Galaxy S7. If you want to How to automate your home with your Galaxy S7, read on!

IFTTT (If This, Then, That) is an automation platform that is already used to automate hundreds of actions across every aspect of our daily lives. It can help automate our home too. I’m going to show you how to automate a Nest smart thermostat using your Galaxy S7 and IFTTT.

This guide assumes you already have a Nest thermostat in your home.

1. Set up a new Gmail email account to use with IFTTT.
2. Register on the IFTTT website using the email address.
3. Set up a new recipe (IFTTT terms for actions) with Gmail as the trigger.
4. Select ‘New email in inbox from search’ and type subject:thermostat in the Search for field.
5. Click Create Trigger.
6. Select the Nest channel as the action, then select the particular thermostat you want to control.
7. Enter ‘BodyPlain’ in the Temperature field.

This sets up IFTTT to monitor your Gmail account and will set the Next thermostat you select to the temperature you type in the body of the email.

Making it all work
Now the configuration is all done, it’s time to see if it works.

1. Send an email to the Gmail address with the subject as thermostat.
2. Add the number of degrees in Fahrenheit to the body of the email.
3. Send the email and monitor the temperature.

IFTTT should now see the email, interpret it and send the appropriate signal to your Nest thermostat. It’s as easy as that!