How To Back Up or Restore Your Mac With Time Machine

It can be very costly to lose a file from a computer with no backup to restore it. Luckily, it is common for most devices to offer solutions to avoid this sort of problem. Mac computers provide ways for users to back up their data efficiently and without needing much tech know-how.
The Time Machine is a great resource that simplifies this process, allowing you to restore or backup your Mac. If you want to keep your files safe and prevent data loss issues, here’s how to back up your Mac with the Time Machine feature.

1. “ Connect an external hard drive to Mac”. Using a USB, eSATA or Lightning cable - or any other that is suitable - connect the external hard drive to your Mac. When connected, you should get a notification on your screens.

2. “Click the Apple menu”. Find the apple icon on the upper-left side of the screen and click on it. A drop-down menu will appear.

3. “Select System Preferences”. Locate and click System Preferences on the menu. You’ll be presented with a window containing your Mac’s preferences.

4. “Click Time Machine”. Look for the Time Machine at the bottom of the window and click on it. The Time Machine window displays. If you are on the older version of Time Machine and macOS, make sure the switch on Time Machine is set to “ON”.

5. “Click Select Backup Disk”. You’ll find this button on the right-hand side of the resulting dialog box. Clicking on this will display the drives on the Mac.

6. “Click the external drive”. Identify and select the connected external drive from the list of drives available. “Use Disk” and other buttons below should be clickable by now.

7. “Click Use Disk”. Find the button on the lower right-hand area of the window. Clicking this takes you to another window on the Time Machine for extra actions if necessary.

You may include more preferences before this action, using the options on the left-hand side of the window, such as checking “Back up automatically” and “Show Time Machine in menu bar”. “Back up automatically” makes sure your system backs up at given intervals to the disk drive.

8. “Click Options” The Options button is located on the bottom-right hand corner of the window. Click it to see options available for more settings.

9. ”Set more preferences and save.” To allow Time Machine to back up when you’re on battery, check “Backup while on battery power” . Also, check “Notify after old backups are deleted” to let you know when this action is carried out. Old backups get deleted to create space for recent ones to get backed up. Click “save” to finish.

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