How to Block Calls on Verizon Wireless’ Website

Call blocking can be managed directly from the Verizon Wireless website. To learn how, read and follow the instructions listed below:

1. Logging on- Open up your web browser and go to and sign in to your MyVerizon account or sign in to your MyVerizon account and go to My Account Overview.

2. My Account Overview- In your My Account Overview, under Manage My Account, you will see several options. One of these is Block Calls and Messages. Click Block Calls and Messages.

3. Line selection- After clicking Block Calls and Messages, near the top of the page, you will see your lines (phone numbers). Click the phone number account you wish to block calls from coming to.

4. Adding numbers- After you select the line you want to block numbers to, text boxes will appear for you to enter the numbers you wish to block. Enter the numbers you wish to block. If you have multiple lines on your service, you may block these same numbers from all lines by clicking the check box next to the words “Apply these numbers to all available lines”. Once you are finished, click Submit.