How to Block Unwanted Skype Callers

Skype comes along with various privacy and security options in order to keep you safe and prevent strangers from disturbing you. If you are annoyed by the unwanted Skype callers and want to get rid of them, you can block those callers from your Skype account.

In order to block any Skype user from your account, you don't have to add them to your contact list. With the default Skype configuration, any person can initiate a voice or video call with you, and you can block anyone without even adding them, as well.

Note: Even though any person who is not in your Skype contact list can initiate a voice or video call with you, it is solely your decision to accept or decline the call. Also, you can change Skype’s default settings and configure the application to allow only people from your contact list to call or message you on Skype.

Here is how you can block unwanted callers from your Skype account:

    ■Log on to your Computer system.
    ■Initialize the Skype application by double-clicking its icon.
    ■Click the appropriate option to log-in either using Microsoft account or by your Skype Name.

    ■Assuming that you are logging-in using your Skype Name, provide your login credentials in the appropriate fields, and click the Sign in button.

    ■On the Skype interface that comes up, click the Tools menu from the menu bar at the top.
    ■From the displayed list, click Options.

    ■Once the Skype - Options window opens up, click the Privacy category from the left pane.
    ■From the expanded Privacy options, click the Blocked contacts option.

    ■From the right pane, click the drop-down list available next to Block this person button.

10. From the displayed contact names, select the one you want to block.

11. Once done, click the Block this person button.
12. On the opened pop up box, check the checkbox representing Remove from your Contact list. Optionally, you can also check the checkbox representing Report abuse if required.
13. Click the Block button at the bottom in order to block the selected person.

14. Finally, click the Save button to save the changes.