How to Boost the Streaming Speed of a Roku Device

The Roku digital players offer thousands of channels both the local and the international channels to the user. The users can see the Internet-streamed content on the Roku TV along with an extensive set of intuitive features. While watching videos, you might feel the need to increase the streaming speed. Here is how you boost the streaming speed of your Roku device by following the below steps.

Step 1
You can perform the speed optimization technique to increase the streaming speed of the Roku device. It is also advised to get a high-speed router for connection. Now you have to press ‘Home’ Button 5 times then ‘Fast Forward’, then ‘Down’ button followed by the ‘Rewind’ button.

You will notice the antenna speed optimization through which could alter the streaming speed by increasing the signal strength of the antenna of the router.

Step 2
Initially, you have to follow a series of actions to be performed in the Roku remote in order to access the streaming bit rate options. To access this menu, the following buttons must be pressed continuously on the Roku remote.

  • ■The ‘Home’ button must be pressed five times.

    ■Then you should ‘Fast-Forward/ Forward Scan’ two times.

    ■Thirdly press the ‘Reverse/ Reverse Scan’ button as shown in the figure three times.

All these steps must be done continuously without any gap to get access to the Streaming speed menu.

Step 3
You will now be able to see the Bit Rate Override option. Now you can select the streaming speed of your Roku device as per your choice. If you wish the device to select its own streaming speed according to the video quality and resolution, then choose ‘Automatic’ option and 3.5 Mbps for high streaming speed.

Step 4
You can choose the ‘Enable playback debugging’ option if you wish to see the streaming speed getting displayed on the Roku device while watching videos.

You can now successfully boost the streaming speed of your Roku device by following these steps in order.
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