How to Boot a Windows Laptop from a CD

Sometimes your system is in such a bad state that you have no choice but to boot it from a CD. This usually occurs in Windows when things have gone so far downhill that you need to start from scratch with your entire system. However, your machine will not automatically boot from a CD, and if you are having issues with getting into your system to go from there, the best option can be to boot from CD on start up.

It isn't hard at all. Follow these few quick steps to boot from CD on a Windows laptop.

1. Put CD in drive

2. From OFF, power on your computer. As it comes on you need to press one of the Function keys, usually F1, F2 or F11, but this is different depending on what machine you are using.

Note: As your computer comes on and the manufacturer logo comes up, you will see a brief explanation of what button to press for your machine. You should be pressing whichever button takes you to “Setup”. If you see which button it is but don’t press it on time, simply turn off your machine and go again.


2. In Setup, choose the BOOT option from the menu.


3. Here you can choose the order the machine should boot from. Use the up and down keys to move CD ROM to the top.


4. Press Exit and Save Changes.


5. Your system will now restart and boot from the CD.