How to Build a Netflix Watchlist on Google Chrome

Mar 16, 2018

Netflix took the media and video streaming industry by storm when it launched twenty years ago to the world. People had no expectations that after 20 years of its birth, it would become the world most used video streaming service with over 130 million users from all around the globe. Netflix’s USP (Unique Selling Point) was targeted towards the end user which led them to much greater heights. Even with competitions, Netflix is creating top class content and users can’t resist to binge watch all of them right away. It not only has movies or tv shows but with award-winning documentaries, Netflix is a user magnet in the 21st century.

Most numbers of users view Netflix on their PC or computer browsers. After all, everyone loves the better resolution and greater pixels. Netflix allows users to build My List to cater to their custom needs. This also helps Netflix to tailor-make the recommendations with their top-notch algorithm which aces user experience. Here’s how to build a Netflix watchlist on Google Chrome.

Step 1
Open 'Netflix on Google Chrome'
You can open up 'Netflix' tab on your web browser. Here’s their link:

Step 2
Select a 'Title'
You can now choose a 'movie or a TV show' that you like and would want to add to your list.

Step 3
Add to ‘My List’
Tap on the ‘+' icon that says ‘My List’. This will add that video to your list. You can now edit your list too.

Step 4
Go to 'My List'
Head to the top navigation bar and click on ‘My List’. This tab will open your List of videos that you have added.

Step 5
Remove Too
You can remove titles too if you want to. Let say you don’t like a certain genre anymore, then you can just remove it from your list and Netflix’s algorithm won’t recommend you videos like that.

Now you can manage your Netflix watchlist on google chrome.
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