How to Cast Content to a Nexus Player

The Nexus player is Google’s answer to devices like Roku and Apple TV. The device, which looks like a hockey puck comes with a small remote and is run by an Intel processor. It also comes with an optional gamepad. The Nexus player can play all sorts of content on your television. Here’s how to cast content to it.

Step 1: Make sure the Nexus player is on and connected to your television.

Step 2: You can cast content from an iPhone, MacBook, or other device very easily. If you are using an app that can cast to the Nexus player, the Cast button should appear on your device. Tap Cast.

Step 3: The content is cast on your Nexus player and can be viewed on your television.

The Nexus player has some very neat features besides the ability to cast content. It is similar to other set-top boxes in that it provides access to a variety of apps, games, and other services. You can have access to services such as NetFlix, for example. The Nexus remote has a voice-activated function so that users can search for content with short phrases. You can say “show me comedies” or “show me movies with Johnny Depp.” The Nexus player will deliver results from which you can choose.