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  1. S

    is there anyway to make my nexus 6 think it is a s7

    fortnite android got released for the s7 and higher and I do not have access to those devices so would I be able to make my phone think it is an s7 is that possible
  2. K

    sim network unlock pin

    how do i get a sim network unlock pin for samsung galaxy nexus
  3. D

    Solved! There is no "google setings" in the apps page on my nexus 5. Is there another way to activate "OK Google"?

    Is there another way to activate "OK Google" some other way?
  4. A

    what is the work of pulse notifications in nexus 4

    what is the work of pulse notifications in nexus 4
  5. B

    Receiving popup instead of ringing

    I have a Nexus 5X that gives me a popup instead of ringing. Any ideas appreciated Thanks
  6. A

    same problem, if resolved pls post

    I have Nexus 5 with Airtel 2G SIM. Suddenly one day device was not able to detect Airtel SIM. I checked same SIM in another Nexus Device. It was working. Then I went to nearby LG service center, they inserted AIRTEL 3G SIM in my device and it was working. They told me it's network provider...
  7. M

    LG Nexus won't charge

    My LG Nexus won't charge or turn on, it does this every now and again. I thought it was bugered and put it away and was using another phone and then thought i'd give it another go and it worked . when i plug the charger in a little dim light flashes on near the home button, I have tried numerous...
  8. A

    Does a Nexus Player interact with TV antenna?

    My mom recently got antenna for her TV and I just gave her my Nexus player Netflix. For some reason, when the Nexus player is plugged in, most of her channels go away. It's happened reliably three times. Can anyone tell me - Are these interacting, how, and can I make it stop?
  9. Z

    Cheap Phone Repair? Nexus 6

    Ok so I have bought many phones along with repairs for them over the years and because I am extremely clumsy I drop them and I break... I currently have a nexus 6 (yes I have a strong case for it) and after a few drops it gave up and broke... I am a student and I can't afford to spend £100 on a...
  10. R

    Nexus 5 memory usage

    when it shows memory used for 1 day, is it just the average for THAT day and does it reset for the next day?
  11. Xanthic

    Nexus 6P Won't Charge

    Hey guys, my Nexus 6P went from charging overnight to not even charging. It seems to be only my USB-C. I haven't touched it and nothing appears to be broken but it just wont charge on mine! My dad's works, but mine doesn't. Is there any fix?
  12. C

    Nexus 5X Compatible With Verizon?

    Hello all, I have been thinking of getting the Nexus 5X. So far I haven't been able to find a way to buy it from Verizon. Is it possible to buy it from Verizon? If not, can I buy it from another store and put a Verizon SIM card inside? If so, will Verizon let me do this? Thanks in advance!
  13. Nexus Radical

    Any VR Headset compatible with Nexus 6?

    I've been looking for hours now and i can't find anything on amazon that is compatible with my device. However i am being cheap on this since i only have £23 to spend until the 25th in my amazon wallet but considering the price range there is a lot of selection however nothing is actually...
  14. U

    Need a tripod for the Nexus 6P

    One that won't scratch the back of the phone and can be mounted on the table (I don't think I'll need it to free stand, or maybe I will. You know what, show me both). I'm in the UK
  15. J

    How to download and install Android Nougat

    If you own a newer Nexus phone, you can get Android Nougat right now. If you don’t use a Nexus phone or cannot wait for your manufacturer to create their own version of Nougat, there are two other ways to get it. You can join the Android Beta Program or build a factory image and flash it to your...
  16. R

    Help with Android graphics issue.

    When I press the lock button on my Nexus 5X the screen goes greyscale and then turns off. Help?
  17. V

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus VS Huawei Google Nexus 6P

    Hello guys! I need help picking one of these phones. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or Huawei Google Nexus 6P. Right now, their prices are simillar in Amazon. (~$500 usd) Im looking for a phone with: - Good battery life and performance. - I dont care about Camera. - I'll just be using it for the...
  18. S

    Nexus boots into a black screen

    Pls help my nexus boots fine but after the Google logo it just turns to a black screen and stays there I've tried factory reseting but doesn't work. I also tried alot of methods but dosen't work
  19. A

    screen blackout when calling someone

    after upgrading to android n beta version my nexus 5x started going total screen blackout when i receive a call or when i call someone. does anyone has a solution for it
  20. Karim_2

    Can I restore marshmallow?

    Hi, I just installed the Android N preview 2 on my Nexus 5x, I would like to know if I can restore the marshmallow? Or.... Can I wait until they release the real version of Android N and installed from OTA?
  21. J

    Nexus 6p vs Samsung S7 vs LG G5

    I am looking in to getting a new phone to replace my moto G 2nd gen but i am not sure what to get as they are all great phones and come at a similar price point in my country. What do you recommend on getting?
  22. PhilipMichaels

    Google Nexus 2016 Rumors: HTC Could Build New Phones

    HTC is reportedly on tap to build the next Nexus smartphones, which rumor sites have said are code-named M1 and S1 by Google. Google Nexus 2016 Rumors: HTC Could Build New Phones : Read more
  23. 7

    Nexus 9 wifi connection failing with printer switched on

    My Android NEXUS 9 is at issue 6.0.1, patched to March 2016. When browsing with Chrome, the connection to Wifi drops out and reconnects every few seconds. If I look at the wifi list of services, I can see my connection flipping between the service I want and my HP wireless laser printer. If I...
  24. Y

    nexus 5x,motox play,galaxy a5,gflex2

    I want one from these 4,I currently own a nexus 5 ,its not that I have issues, I just need better battery life since my job requires outdoor activity.
  25. D

    Please help me choose a smartphone.

    Hello everyone, so I am literally searching for good smartphone. For gaming, like PPSSPP emulator. Good in camera, and good in battery life. My budget is 300 to 350 max. Based on the research I have done the most, these are the two most suggested smartphone: Moto X Style/Pure...
  26. D

    Having trouble running NeXuS Dock

    When I run it I get this message: "NeXuS appears to be running with elevated privileges (UAC Prompt). You won't be able to drag & drop shortcuts from non-elevated applications like Explorer into it, therefore it's recommended that you exit Nexus now and run it again non-elevated. Would you...
  27. B

    Nexus Player to PC

    Hello All, Does anyone know if you can connect a Nexus Player to a Dell Docking Station and have Live A/V on the Monitor and get the ability to use the Keyboard / Mouse on the Nexus Player? I am just trying to see if I can setup some Automation... if I can get access to it through my PC, I...
  28. joshyboy82

    Project fi: reaps carrier benefits?

    I got the ball rolling(I ordered a nexus, waiting for it to arrive) on joining Project Fi, but since it uses the two services, do I inherent the benefits of service announcements? Example: T-Mobile doesn't data charge for 480p video streams. I know i can't pick which service I'm on at any given...
  29. CherlynnLow

    Camera Wars: iPhone 6s Plus vs Galaxy Note 5 vs Nexus 6P

    Which smartphone has the best camera? We put the leading flagships to the test. Camera Wars: iPhone 6s Plus vs Galaxy Note 5 vs Nexus 6P : Read more
  30. mprospero

    Nexus 5X Review: An Outstanding Value

    The midrange Nexus 5X starts at less than $400 unlocked, and features a great camera and epic battery life. Nexus 5X Review: An Outstanding Value : Read more
  31. CherlynnLow

    Nexus 5X vs iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6: Spec Showdown

    The Nexus 5X compares quite well to the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6, especially when you consider the relatively low $379 price. Nexus 5X vs iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6: Spec Showdown : Read more
  32. D

    Can i put my sim card from my lg tablet to a nexus?

    i currently have a verizon LG x8.3 tablet and its a little slow for me. So I am looking at a google nexus 9. Am I going to be able to just take the SIM card from my tablet and put it in the Nexus? I purchased the tablet from verizon but i pay for the line activation for it, so I just want to...
  33. K

    Nexus 5 vs LG G2

    Hi, i've been looking for a good cheap phone for around 250 CAD. right now I'm looking at the lg g2 and the nexus 5. the nexus 5 has a better design and software but a crappy battery and camera's the lg g2 has better overall specs and slightly cheaper (225 CAD) but worse software and bad design...
  34. M

    Unlock my nexus ten tablet without losing all data

    I am locked out of my Nexus 10 tablet is there anyway I can reset the tablet or get in the tablet being the administrator without losing data
  35. L

    Nexus 5 or Nexus 6?

    So, I am looking to upgrade my samsung ace 2 to either a nexus 5 or a nexus 6. I will mainly be using my phone for gaming (retro emulators), so , performance matters a lot, as well as screen size. However, I am not a very heavy user (around 2 hours a day), so I don't know if the extra money is...
  36. K

    Moto G 2015 or used nexus 5

    I'm in the market for a new phone and i'm on a budget. i've been looking at the moto g 2015, however here in canada we only have the 1gb model available and that worry's me a little. for basically the same price its possible to get a used nexus 5 via kijiji or craigslist. what do you think is...
  37. S

    Airtel SIM is not working in Nexus 5 device

    I have Nexus 5 with Airtel 2G SIM. Suddenly one day device was not able to detect Airtel SIM. I checked same SIM in another Nexus Device. It was working. Then I went to nearby LG service center, they inserted AIRTEL 3G SIM in my device and it was working. They told me it's network provider...
  38. S

    downloaded file cant open on nexus 4 phone

    Cant open file from downloaded folder on nexus 4 phone
  39. N

    What's the maximum framerate a Nexus 5 can display?

    I was wondering if it supported 60fps, so whats the maximum framerate? And is there an app that supports YouTube at 60fps to get the most out of my phone?
  40. Y

    Nexus 5 battery life after lolipop

    Well basically I have terrible issues with my battery life after 5.0 5.0.1 and 5.1 update.I know that the battery drain is in general awful on nexus 5 but my question is should i leave stock +root and go for another rom?I want to hear opinions from users experiencing the same ps battery is...
  41. J

    how can i make my google nexus to 4.4 android version

    How can I make my Google nexus as the version of 4.4
  42. PhilipMichaels

    Google Store to Sell Chromebooks, Nexus Phones and More

    The launch of Google's new online retail outlet for devices coincides with the arrival of an updated Chromebook Pixel. Google's offering free shipping to celebrate the store's opening. Google Store to Sell Chromebooks, Nexus Phones and More : Read more
  43. B

    Custom camera app not working

    I'm trying to use a custom camera app in this case I downloaded camera for HUAWEI p6 on my nexus 5 but when I open the app it just says "camera stopped working" I don't know what to do... Help!
  44. N

    What is my camera doing? (Nexus 5)

    When i zoom in in the camera app and take a picture, it takes the shot of something like 20 cm next to it. What is happening? Im running a non-rooted clean and legit version if Android l.
  45. C

    Nexus 5 digitizer replacement is missing half-screen and is mirrored image

    Hi so i bought a digitzer lcd replacement after my screen cracked. after i replaced it, the image is mirror and half of the screen is missing, the screen doesnt respond to any touch either it is a bad digitizer, or is something else wrong? pls help, i cant seem to find any information on the...
  46. S

    Pictures from emails are saved where on Nexus 4?

    Pictures from emails are saved where on Nexus 4???
  47. C

    Z3 Compact to Nexus 6?

    I'm currently using the Xperia Z3 Compact and was thinking about upgrading to the Nexus 6. Is it worth it? Nexus 6 has Android Lollipop but its still only a 32 bit phone so it can't take full advantage because Lollipop is optimized for 64 bit. Should I wait until next year until the new wave...
  48. P

    my nexus 5 lost

    dear sir my nexus 5 stolen on 03/12/2014 my cell imei no REDACTED - SS my contact no REDACTED - SS
  49. W

    Best speaker for my Google Nexus 5?

    Hello all! I've been wanting to get a good speaker for my cellphone for a while now. (Google nexus 5) I've got a homegym at my home, and a million songs on my phone. I know very little about hardware though.. And when i tried searching for top speakers, the results came with a dozen speakers...
  50. F

    info on tracking android phones by iemi number by the police

    i recently got my nexus 5 stolen and i have contacte the police and i wanna know how this works!! any info is appreciated
  51. J

    Galaxy Note 4 vs. Nexus 6?

    My phone upgrade through Verizon is ready in mid December and I am looking forward to making the transition to an Android based device. I am looking for a large-screened, top of the line phone and have narrowed it down to the Note 4 and the Nexus 6. The only problem is that the Nexus 6 doesn't...
  52. D

    Nexus 4 Wifi Initiation. Help!

    So i rooted my nexus 4 and accidently deleted the google keyboard, after that i reinstalled it through a APK file. And Now i decided to sell it, so i factory reset it. And now when it starts it asks to connect to wifi. As i dont have the keyboard appearing, i cannot proceed further. If i try to...
  53. A

    How to Pair Controllers with a Nexus Player

    If you have the Nexus player and want to pair controllers with it, the process is fairly simple. You should pair your controller with your Nexus upon the first time that you set the unit up. Once you have paired the remote control, you can easily pair your controller. You can add multiple...
  54. A

    How to Cast Content to a Nexus Player

    The Nexus player is Google’s answer to devices like Roku and Apple TV. The device, which looks like a hockey puck comes with a small remote and is run by an Intel processor. It also comes with an optional gamepad. The Nexus player can play all sorts of content on your television. Here’s how to...
  55. MounirS

    nexus 4 vs moto g 2nd gen (2014)

    what should i buy ? this one or this one ??? thnx
  56. L

    ROKU 3 VS Droidbox M8 Quadcore

    I am looking for a streaming Android box, I've come across the following. Chromecast, Nexus player, Apple TV, Roku 3 and Droidbox The last two really caught my attention but I cannot find any comparisons online and I also dont know if they both have the same purpose. Droidbox M8 s802 Roku 3...
  57. rutherfordsc

    The L is for Lollipop, Android 5.0: Top New Features

    Google has unveiled its next major iteration of its mobile OS: Android 5.0 Lollipop, featuring improvements to battery life, power and more. The L is for Lollipop, Android 5.0: Top New Features : Read more
  58. B

    Android Nexus version differences?

    What are the key differences between Nexux 7 and the newer upgrades?
  59. B

    I just got a Nexus Android and would love advice on what apps to get to make is work best with FB and also Windows Office. An

    Looking for advice on apps for Nexus Android tablet work at max efficiency to replace a laptop.
  60. CherlynnLow

    Early Nexus 6 Benchmarks Show Killer Results

    Results on Geekbench show that a possible new Nexus smartphone could blow the competition out of the water. Early Nexus 6 Benchmarks Show Killer Results : Read more