How to Change the Aspect Ratio of Photo in Camera+

The aspect ratio refers to the relationship between the height and width of the image you have taken. Being aware of this feature allows you to take better images and helps you crop a picture properly to make the composition of your image better. If you're using the Camera+ app, here's how you change the aspect ratio in this app.

1. To use and change the aspect ratio of your Camera+ app, you can begin taking pictures or accessing the pictures you already have in your "Lightbox" which is located at the lower left side of your screen.


2. Tap the Lightbox menu. Next, tap any picture you want to edit. When you do that, a pop-out menu bar will appear. Tap "Edit" to proceed.


3. You will see different command options under the image you want to edit. Tap "Crop" to begin adjusting the aspect ratio of your image. You will begin to see other options under the "Crop" category.


4. When you choose "Freeform," you can adjust the aspect ratio manually by dragging the circles found at the edges of the square. Adjust it until you get the right width and height that produces the best image. If you want the same aspect ratio as the camera, choose "Original."


5. If you want to do it automatically, you can choose from the preset options found below the image. The "Square" option gives you a 1:1 aspect ratio while the rectangular options give you various options from 3:2 to 16:9 aspect ratios. Test each until you are satisfied with the image you have.