How to Change the Screensaver on Your Roku

The screensavers appear when the Roku device stay inactive for a period, this time can be specified by the user. You can also choose your own screensaver by downloading stunning and live screensavers from the channel stores or go with the default ones provided by Roku. Adding screensavers can enlighten the interface experience.

You can personalize your Roku experience by changing the screensaver of your choice. Roku by default, will change the default screensaver from time to time and run different screensavers in different devices. You will also be able to customize your screensaver. Here’s how to change and customize your screensaver on your Roku

Many screensavers are included with your Roku device, while others can either be downloaded for free or purchased from the Roku Channel Store. You can find new screensavers in the Screensavers category of the Roku channel store.

On Your Roku Device
After the installation of the screensavers on your Roku device, you can then change to that screensaver and also define the wait time through the screensaver menu.
Step 1
Press the ‘Home’ button on your Roku Remote.

Step 2
Choose the ‘Settings’ option from the list of choices by scrolling up or down.

Step 3
Select the ‘Screensaver’ option. This opens the screensaver menu. Once opened, use the below steps for customizing by changing or modifying the current screensaver and by defining the waiting time.

Step 4
Select the screensaver you want to make from the list of options.

Step 5
You can select any screensaver of your choice and select the ‘Preview’ for a glimpse of how it will appear.

The below is the default screensaver of a bouncing Roku logo

The below screensavers are the other default available screensaver choices in your Roku deive
Screen 1

Screen 2

You can also select the ‘Custom Settings’ to make adjustments of your choice to the chosen screensaver like the size and color. You can also choose preview option to check the customized screensaver.

When finished selecting the screensaver, press the ‘Ok’ button in your Roku remote
Defining the wait time for the screensaver to be displayed.

Step 6
Select the ‘Change Wait Time’ option. This will allow you to choose the amount of time your Roku device will wait before the screensaver gets displayed.

Step 7
Press the ‘OK’ button on your Roku remote to save the chosen options

You can now change the screensaver on your Roku device
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