How To Change Twitter Privacy On Android


The moment you sign up for Twitter, your account becomes public by default, meaning anyone can see your tweets and interact with you. Most of the profile information you provide upon signing up with the service is always public, including things such as your bio, location, website, and account photo.

Mobile experience on Twitter is no exception, but you can protect your Tweets to enjoy full privacy and control your information by limiting visibility through account settings. Here’s how you can change Twitter privacy on your Android smartphone:

    ■ Locate and open the Twitter app on your device.

    ■ If prompted, provide your phone, email or username and password in the respective fields and tap Log in.


    ■ In the Home screen, swipe to the right to get to the account menu.

    ■ Tap on Settings and privacy.


    ■ Once on the Settings and privacy section, tap on Privacy and safety.


    ■ In the Tweets section, tap on the box next to Protect your Tweets to display your Tweets only to the current and future followers.


    ■ Tap on the Photo tagging option if you want to turn it off or set that only people that follow you can tag you.


    ■ Scroll down to Discoverability and contacts section and tap on the self-titled option.


    ■ Here you can turn off the option to be found by your email or your phone by clicking on the checked boxes.


    ■ Press the left-pointing arrow in the upper left corner to go back to Privacy and safety menu.


    ■ Scroll all the way down to Personalization and data section and tap on the self-titled option to control how Twitter personalizes content for you, as well as gathers and shares some parts of your data.


    ■ In the upper right corner, you can turn this feature entirely by tapping on the slider.


    ■ Alternatively, you can tap on the checkbox of each of the specific data points to customize personalization.


    ■ After you’re done, you can continue using your Twitter account with the level of privacy that’s up to your liking. Just note that these settings affect all of your Twitter accounts on your Android device.
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