How to change your button layout for Oculus Rift


Customization is king. Especially when it comes to button layout. Certain gamers prefer different button mapping for different games. If you want to change the button layout for your Xbox controller for your Oculus Rift this is the tutorial for you. Just follow this this steps to complete the process successfully::

1. Download and Install Xbox Accessories App
a. Download the App from this link:
b. Install the downloaded application on your PC

2. Start the configuration of the controller
a. When the installation is complete open the App
b. To get started, select Configure

3. Configuring the Xbox Controller
a. For the analog sticks select quick-change options. Here you can swap or invert the sticks’ axes
b. Otherwise to change and remap regular buttons select Button Mapping

4. Button Mapping

  • a. There are two ways to change the buttons:
    ■ Way 1 : Press and hold down some button you need to change, then select the new value for the button that you want it to be
    ■ Way 2: From the dropdown menu, choose the button you want to change, then select a new value for the button that you want it to be
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