How to Change Your Netflix Profile Icon


Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming services in the world, with a wide range of TV series, feature movies, and even documentaries. It allows you to watch content in different languages and will suggest content to watch based on your previous viewing history.

It also allows customization of your avatar to suit your personality. You can choose any of the default ones or any character you like from any show on Netflix. Here’s how to change your Netflix profile icon.

1. Open 'Netflix'
You will need to sign in into Netflix at Users can also use the Android or iOS apps to browse videos on Netflix.

2. Navigate to 'Manage Profiles'
Hover over the profile icon in the top right corner and select ‘Manage Profiles’ from the drop-down menu. It contains all the profile settings options.

3. Select a Profile
Select your profile. You can change your profile icon here.

4. Click on 'Pen Icon' to Edit
Click on the 'Pen Icon' on the profile icon to edit the icon. You can choose from a range of icons which are already pre-loaded on Netflix.

5. Choose the 'Icon'
Make your selection. You can either chose from one of the classic ones or choose a character of your choice from many of the famous faces on Netflix.

6. Hit Let’s do it
After selecting the icon, click the ‘Let's do it’ button to change your profile icon.

Get an icon to match your personality.