How to Clean the MacBook Pro Butterfly Keyboard

The Butterfly keyboard is a product of ingenious design. The beautifully laid out keyboard helps you type faster and prevents accidental presses with its unique key structure. But there are times when keys get stuck as a result of dust or food particles getting lodged inside. You do not necessarily need to go to a service center to fix it. You can do it yourself by following these steps.

1. Get a 'Compressed Air Can'
Get a 'Compressed Air Can' from a local hardware store. They are quite cheap, but effective. This is the only tool you need to clean up your butterfly keyboard.

2. Tap the 'Keyboard'
Tap the keys on your keyboard repeatedly. This will make the lodged particles under the keys get crushed into smaller particles. This makes it easier for the compressed air to force particles out.

3. 'Turn Upside Down' and 'Tap'
Turn your MacBook Pro 'Upside down' and 'Tap it lightly' on the back, to knock dirt particles out.

4. 'Tilt Your Mac' to 75o and 'Spray'
Tilt your MacBook Pro to about 75o from horizontal and 'Spray' the compressed air from 'Right to Left' in a zig-zag fashion.

5. 'Rotate' and 'Spray'
Rotate your MacBook towards your right and repeat the 'Spraying' from 'Right to Left' - again while keeping your MacBook at 75o from the horizontal. This will allow the particles lodged in the other side to be knocked out as well.

6. 'Rotate Left' and 'Spray'
Rotate your laptop towards your left, also keeping the screen on your left, and repeat the 'Spray' in a 'Zig-Zag fashion'.
Your keyboard should start working properly again. If not, repeat the entire process a few more times.

If your keyboard is still not fixed, you need to take it to a service center.