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  1. D

    Solved! Wireless BA Sub, needs to be wired!

    Hello. I acquired a BA TVee Sub I would like to add to my system. The issue being it has no other ins. I have the schematics, I have it apart. I would like to keep using it as a powered sub. My question: Could I remove the wireless module, and add my own streamer, then connect to my mac via...
  2. T

    Need help for dual projector 3d setup.

    I want to do a dual projector 3d setup. From what I have read is following things will be required. 1. Two DLP projector with 3d or without doesn't matter. 2. Polarizing filter. I will go with linear one. 3. Silver screen. 4. PC with stereoscopic player or any other software that split 3d video...
  3. D

    Audio Amplifier Board DIY

    I have 2 pairs of speaker (2*5W with 8ohm) (2*7W with 8ohm) and i want to make soundbar with all this speaker but i don't know which audio amplifier board is batter for this. so suggest me a compatible amplifier board for my DIY project.
  4. R

    How to Clean the MacBook Pro Butterfly Keyboard

    The Butterfly keyboard is a product of ingenious design. The beautifully laid out keyboard helps you type faster and prevents accidental presses with its unique key structure. But there are times when keys get stuck as a result of dust or food particles getting lodged inside. You do not...
  5. V


    I am making a DIY home theater so, is there any module for any of them ATMOS, AURA or DTS-X.
  6. D

    Overwhelmed with building home stereo system

    I have been trying to research different receivers and amplifiers so I can build my own home stereo system, I want to use a pair of Q-POWER subs that are brand new. They are 600 RMS @4 ohms. This is a DIY project and I am completely lost. Can someone please offer some advice on what receiver and...
  7. R

    Best program or tool for making web sites?

    What's the best program or tool that most professionals use to make a web site? I know that a lot of the hosting companies have the DIY build it interfaces, but just curious as to what could give you more control. In the past a long time ago I used Dreamweaver, but not sure how relevant...
  8. A

    DIY Wi-Fi Speakers with Raspberry Pi and Spotify

    Hi, I Am looking into making my own Wi-Fi speakers (DIY sonos system) for my home with a raspberry pi. I am also open using a chromecast but from what I have read using a raspberry pi seems like a better option. I have read some guides online, but with so many options and features I am not...
  9. D

    How to disable 1 Ram Slot

    Hello, I've Hp Laptop which came with 12 GB RAM [ 4GB Micron 2133MHz & 8GB Samsung 2133MHz ] recently I've been facing BSODs, I run a memory test and it displays the message "Hardware problems were detected. To identify and repair this problems,you will need to contact the computer...
  10. D

    DIY Laptop Keyboard LED's

    Good Morning I need some advice to create backlit LED's for my laptop keyboard. Bit hard to type in the dark. It's for a Lenovo E530. I was thinking trying to install LED strips and make small little holes on the keys. Have any of you done this before and how did you link it to the power?
  11. W

    Need help splicing earbuds to an earpod lightning connector.

    I'm trying to splice my KZ ZS6 headphone wire with the lightning connector off a pair of Earpods. From what I've found, pic attached shows what each wire is for. I've tried splicing the grounds, the lefts, and the rights together, and just left out the mic wire and it didn't work. Does anyone...
  12. E

    Diy laptop to media center project, need help

    So I have an old Toshiba satellite laptop, this one: . I've been doing some research and it looks like I can change the CPU, which I want to do cuz its Been sitting for years and it use to get hot so I was gonna pull the cooler off...
  13. T

    Ammo Box Speaker

    I've been wanting to make an ammo box speaker for a while and I've finally decided to go through with it. I'm not looking for anything crazy, just something loud with decent quality and preferably a sub. I'll put my part list at the bottom. The only part I don't have is an amplifier. Does it...
  14. F

    LG 32" 32LD450 Cracked Screen - Looking for repair advice

    Hi guys, whilst moving houses something has fallen onto the screen of my TV and damaged it. Just wondering if its something that's easily fixed or if its cheaper to buy a new TV? I've replaced laptop screens before, so if it doesn't cost much / is relatively easy to DIY would appreciate some...
  15. U

    Electromagnetic and Electrostatic speaker setup?

    I am working on a set of DIY speakers, that will consist of two 45mm (diameter) speakers. I will be running a Stereo Amplifier (link below). This speaker is targeted to be loud, while still maintaining good audio quality. I want to know how I should set up my speakers. Should I have two...
  16. U

    Power requirements for small DIY speakers?

    I have no idea, about anything on powering speakers. Information is below.I want to set it up so that is as loud as possible with good-decent audio quality. I am planning to use Triple A Batteries for this project. These are 1.5v 1Amp Amp - Output Power: 0.1W-5W ;4-32 Ohms Supply voltage: DC...
  17. J

    How to make use of additional monitors while watching movies or playing games.

    I've always been a DIY kind of person but I only just recently finished gathering the parts to build my first custom PC. I was on a tight budget so I got most of my components second hand off eBay, none of which is the latest and greatest. The graphics card that I went with is a EVGA GTX 770 2GB...
  18. H

    Old sound bar and sub in diy cabinet?

    My question is, if I take apart my old sound bar and Logitech sub woofer build a cabinet for then could the sound end up better because of the larger cabinet?
  19. P

    HP Screen Replacement

    What is the best way to replace your HP 15 In Laptop Screen? Buy the screen and do it yourself or just send it in?
  20. A

    Power Logitech R20 without subwoofer

    I have the Logitech r20 satellite speakers, and no subwoofer. As part of a DIY project for the heck of it, im curious if anyone has circuit info for powering the speakers without the sub. It has a 4 post DIN, and im curious what the subs output power is so i can wire on my own supply power
  21. S

    I have right voltage charger with wrong plug in for HP pavilion. What are diy options?

    So the plug in is o e with two(-&+)holes and my laptop takes the round cylinder with small pin in center. My situation does not allow for replacement for some time. I am knowledgeable with electronics but looking for diy advice. I have many extra adapters and wire to work with. Some need to...
  22. T

    Speaker brand name vs spec

    Ive bought a pair of speaker drivers for only £16. Im not expecting them to sound fantastic but with a pair of tweeters and bass drivers hopefully good. I bought them due to being the highest spec in the price bracket and when comparing they where higher spec than some high end £1000?!? I...
  23. T

    MSI GL72 6QF fan problem, HIGH temp problem? & tech advice

    My desktop sucks, so my gaming laptop is used for gaming and streaming anything demanding. 6th gen Core i7 6700hq, 8gig ddr4, terabyte HDD, GTX 960M 2g, used heavily for at least 9 months or more in dirty environment (cat hair everywhere!), but it's elevated and on a cooling stand, plenty of...
  24. F

    Need help with headphone color coding

    I bought a TRRS plug to replace the broken audio jack on my earphones but I can't figure out what the colored mean. I have a the colored wires I have are copper, red, blue, green, and there is also a wire with copper and red twisted together.
  25. V

    Active 7.1 amplifier kit to install in a subooferbox.

    Please suggest me a powerful active 7.1 amplifier kit to install in my DIY subwoofer box to connect my 7 speakers.
  26. nooneisback

    Need help with EMI shielding in a ribbon mic

    I have plans on making a compact noise canceling DIY ribbon microphone from scratch. All the 3D models are done (most of it will be 3D printed) and it ended up being quite neat. But its structure itself poses a big problem. Since it's small, the 2 transormers (2 ribbons) end up being too close...
  27. Jester Maroc

    DIY Speaker Build Specs for D&M PSS drivers

    I bought some used car speaker drivers for a small DIY speaker build. The problem is that I cannot find the driver specs on the internet, or from either PSS/BMW. I sent PSS the following with an included photo of the driver (also included in this post): Dear PSS, I build speakers as a hobby...
  28. E

    DIY battery pack?

    Hi hackers and DIYers I have a Lenovo Y50-70, and I am really satisfied with it.. except the battery life. The original one has a 54 Wh battery that can get support me for 4 hours... not enough for a days work. So I decided to do some modding. I bought some 18650s 3000mAh each, and want to...
  29. B

    Loudspeaker repair: Tweeter problems, damaged crossover?

    I would greatly appreciate any advice on repairing my lovely vintage Mission 752 Loudspeakers on ebay. I bought a 2nd hand amp to drive them but after a few days it died. I then bought a new amp which started to switch itself off intermittently when driving them. so bought a multi-meter to...
  30. mglushed

    How to DIY budget subwoofer

    Hello, I'm looking for building my first budget subwoofer, I have no experience nor knowledge on this field, any help to get me started will be much appreciated! I plan to buy this driver: But I don't know if...
  31. mimomumy

    Raspberry android phone?

    Hey, I have two weeks of holidays coming up, and have already built a raspberry pi tablet running raspbian. I would like to build a raspberry android phone. I already have: - a rpi 3 - a 7" touch screen & driver board - a powerbank - cables What else would I need to build a working phone...
  32. J

    Tube stereo amp

    Where can I purchase a good stereo amp or do it yourself amp kit?
  33. G

    Max1s..thanks bud..but..still need to find

    DDR2..i can guess ehat it stands for.size an compatable..not great with hardware..soft ware..but be enrolled a you tube diy tech institute..jk..i learn any thing you say need to know first ..really help I read a couple parts of a hardware could help the static charge relation and handspring...
  34. J

    Can you put Galaxy s6 internals in a Bluboo Maya Max body? Two questions inside Please help!

    I have a technical question. I am not sure which forum I should put this In. I have a broken Galaxy S6 edge and I really like the bluboo Maya Max phone but I heard the software sucks. My question is, is it possible to switch the software/motherboard/internals from the galaxy s6 to the Bluboo...
  35. H

    Buy, Build, help needed on spec

    Hi I seem to either have terrible luck or have very bad choices and have gone though a HP, Dell, Toshiba and Acer Aspire laptop in the last 5 years. They seem to just give up and die, mainly a motherboard (and usually unresolvable issue). I always have some sort of virus protection but not sure...
  36. H

    Mac a1181 blue screen after replacement

    I replaced the LCD screen of my laptop to fix a burnt out backlight bulb issue, but now when I turn on the computer it stays at a blank blue screen. I've tried resetting the PRAM and it stays blue trying to hold down the command keys too. I inserted my OS installation disk and nothing still...
  37. M

    multiple speakers to 1 channel amplifier

    Im planning to build a portable speaker diy. After some research i found out that you can wire multiple speakers to a single channel. If you have 2 8ohm speakers, and you wire them paralel, you'll get 4ohm. Lets say my amp supports 4-16 ohm. It should work cause 4ohm is supported. If my amp...
  38. C

    What kind of battery and charger should i use for diy bluetooth boombox(TDA7492p)?

    I've been searching the whole internet for a week now to find answers. I found out that i have two options: laptop cells or VRLA(SLA). Both seem nice but i don't know how to charge them. Apparently i need some special circuits for VRLA to set exact voltage to 13,4, to limit maximum charge, to...
  39. M

    Making my own Oculus Rift (HMD) -- Need help!

    Hello! I am building a head mounted display--much like the Oculus or Vive. I really am a fan of the new StarVR headset, but cannot bear to image the cost. I do not want it to be like the Vive in the sense that it tracks room scale, but will be using it with something like the Virtuix Omni. I...
  40. S

    Samsung Subwoofer Questions

    Hi there, I just bought a samsung subwoofer from the local thrift shop and I am looking to set it up with my existing surround system. I have a Harmon Kardon amplifier, but the problem I have is that the subwoofer is non-powered and the amp only outputs a subwoofer pre-amp. Before continuing...
  41. N

    Asus N550JK problems after driver installs/windows 10 updates

    I have an Asus N550JK which i have installed a SSD and replaced the dvd drive with a HDD caddy for the old HDD. Both drives were formatted and then Windows 10 installed on the SSD. Installing drivers or windows updates cause 3 issues: - if the laptop is put to sleep all open applications are...
  42. audiosplit

    DIY split cables working only one at a time

    Hi dears, I'm a newbie who would like to split the mic signal both to the camera and the iPad simultaneously. So I did this nice cable split. But... If I connect everything, the camera and the ipad receive no audio at all! If I connect only one of them (be it the ipad or the camera) it...
  43. S

    Connect Bass Shakers to Onkyo Receiver

    I have a DIY Bass shaker setup that I currently have connected to my pc with a Dayton Audio SA70 70W Subwoofer Amplifier. I built my setup using this build: ( I just setup an Onkyo HT-S3700 5.1...
  44. A

    DIY connect tablet to external monitor?

    Current situation: I have 1) an LG G PAD 8" with a broken screen. 2) A 19" monitor lying around Can these two be married? The tablet screen doesn't turn on at all. So anything any solution that needs touch interaction is not possible. I am curious if the Flex Ribbon connector for the internal...
  45. D

    External Graphics GPU

    SO i have a Asus Zenbook and a older Dell laptop and my dad who works at Nvidia ca get me a really nice graphics card. But I obviously have nowhere to put it. What are my options cause I know that I can get something like the XG station or DIY. I would prefer o DIY but to buy a product to let me...
  46. K

    Which TV Antenna for Semi-Rural Northeast/East Texas?

    Which TV Antenna for Semi-Rural Northeast/East Texas? I want to dump SuddenLink cable & use their old cabling for 4/5 TV’s. One potential problem is a 2 story brick house w/ a big tree on the same side as the cabling. I’m hoping someone in here has already done this? I don’t know if a DIY...
  47. P

    Anybody know about DIY speaker circuitry?

    I am building my own speaker box for my desk, my question is this. I have a DROK DC 12V Micro Stereo Amplify Board, How would i wire the power switch to power the board and an LED when it is on. it is a totally custom build, so i bought a custom 2 prong power switch button and a custom LED that...
  48. C

    DIY Fisher Speaker model SR-316

    One of the speakers has no output from the amplifier.There seems to be a short or fuse damage inside.I have switched speaker wire,thinking the negative/positive may be in error.Is there a repair kit for Fisher speakers?
  49. T

    Looking for an HDMI replacement component board.

    My Pioneer VSX43 HDMI board is bad and Im trying to diy and replace the part. Where do you source this part? I've been all over the internet with no success. Part number is 7020-07323-020-0S. Thanks, tthews
  50. M

    Soldering a ExpressCard slot in a laptop motherboard

    Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-19p. It's motherboard is a LA-4981p and it doesn't has a ExpressCard slot. I know that other models have ExpressCard slot (For example this motherboard has it) So, my questions are the following: 1º Is possible solder a ExpressCard slot in the...
  51. T

    Brand new broken laptop!

    Good morning guys, I have a laptop that (When i start my IT Career) i broke. Basically it seems like a basic issue as to why its not working, but i just was wondering what steps you guys would take to get such a problem sorted. (DIY\Engineer Etc) Basically the locking tabs on the connectors(...
  52. Yr1699

    Hifi - Wall Shelves

    So I have put up a wall shelve in my room, the purpose for why i put it up was to put my hifi on it and I wasn't too sure if it was ok but ive looked online and found nothing much about. I know that there will be vibrations from the Hifi and I know this could potentially loosen the screw. I have...
  53. C

    Need assistance in repairing MSI G70-0NC laptop.

    Hey lads, so recently my Windows 10 installation became corrupted somehow. None of the repair tools worked, Safe Mode would simply crash as soon as I attempted to boot into it and a recovery disk did nothing. So, no problem. Format and reinstall. But no dice. Every time I attempted to boot back...
  54. T

    Laptop Screen Issues on HP Pavilion After Repair

    I have HP Pavilion g6-2358ee Notebook PC The right hinge was broken so I opened the laptop glued it and it is fine now the problem is I think I misplaced something which is responsible of turning down the display when I close the lid as it came back if I refreshed it with the mouse or hitting...
  55. S

    Replacement screen for Dell Inspiron 3147?

    Hi. My kid's Dell Inspiron 3000 3147 11.6 convertible laptop has a cracked screen. Everything works but I don't want her playing with broken glass. Dell can't help. No repair shop in Toronto has the parts. I can't find parts in North America. Should I order one from China? Wait? I take it...
  56. M

    Custom Laptop GPU Upgrade possible?

    Hey, I brought this Laptop on 30-06-2011 and its done well so far. I know the GPU is in a custom bracket for that card, but I wanted to know if its possible to upgrade the graphics card as this really is the only bottleneck I have. As the laptop was built by PC Specialist and I was hoping...
  57. P

    Have a laptop with removed screen assembly, wondering how to find out if a different one i have will be compatible?

    Average tech knowledge guy here. I have a laptop (Gateway NE56R34u) which is missing the entire screen assembly( the screen assembly and hinges were removed), I have a different non-working laptop (Toshiba Satellite A135-S4527) and wanted to know if the screen on this one could be installed on...
  58. J

    Samsung np365e5c White Screen

    Replacing monitor for a friend got everything hooked up and working fine. Then the new monitor goes black and then just white. I rehooked up the old monitor and nothing but white. I've replaced the ribbon from motherboard to monitor and still all white. It works fine with an HDMI cord. I'm...
  59. F

    Lenovo G 50-45 laptop - Heating Issues After Upgrading RAM

    I recently upgraded my RAM from 4 to 16 GB and now I have overheating problems. Any ideas on this?
  60. S

    Laptop fan making very loud noise.

    I think my laptop fan is out of place, It makes a very loud vibrating / clicking sound if it's moved or I hit the keys right above it. Please help me.