Jul 26, 2016
Hi there,

I just bought a samsung subwoofer from the local thrift shop and I am looking to set it up with my existing surround system. I have a Harmon Kardon amplifier, but the problem I have is that the subwoofer is non-powered and the amp only outputs a subwoofer pre-amp.

Before continuing futher, I have a few specs that I need to obtain. I know that the speaker is has 4 Ohms of resistance, but no idea on the wattage and I can't seem to find it on Google. Any ideas on how to come about this?

I opened up the box and the numbers on the back of the speaker are these:


For reference, the subwoofer in question has these model numbers on the back:

It says it has 3 Ohms Impedance, but I'm guessing that is because it has two R&L inputs on the back of it

I am currently looking to DIY a subwoofer amplifier that is suitable for loud music and movies. Does anyone have some suggestions on subwoofer boards? I'm open to any general thoughts on the situation.

Thanks a lot!!

There are sub-specific amps you can buy, mono, a box that sits on top of the sub. NHT is one company that sell them. You probably want one that can self-shut off after a timeout no-signal inactivity, to save power, and the need for you to manual switch off, which gets old.