Speaker brand name vs spec


Jan 22, 2017
Ive bought a pair of speaker drivers for only £16. Im not expecting them to sound fantastic but with a pair of tweeters and bass drivers hopefully good. I bought them due to being the highest spec in the price bracket and when comparing they where higher spec than some high end £1000?!?

I haven't tested them and theirs still a few months until I'll finish this diy speaker so should they be swapped after hearing very mixed reviews on the brand name skytec?

Heres the spec

Each one is 250w, they are full range and are the BBA0708 (product number) they have an amazing 4hz-50khz and 83db although i doubt they'll be going over 150w for safety as that was their peak which they advertised. The only down in which isnt that bad is their 8ohm (when 4ohm is preferred) but with the exception of the actual spec quality they seem cool.

Thanks for replying/reading this - Im also only 15 so telling me that shoving a pair of £1600 speakers in wont be great. Im only fueled with a little earnt of eBay and a paper round i had.
Have fun building your speakers.
Be aware that the specs on drivers vary from dead accurate to complete lies. There can also be large sample to sample variations so speaker builders often measure the speakers they are using and design the crossovers accordingly.
You should be able to find a UK speaker builder forum that can guide you.