DIY Wi-Fi Speakers with Raspberry Pi and Spotify

Jun 12, 2018

I Am looking into making my own Wi-Fi speakers (DIY sonos system) for my home with a raspberry pi. I am also open using a chromecast but from what I have read using a raspberry pi seems like a better option.

I have read some guides online, but with so many options and features I am not sure which option best suits my needs.

What I would like to get from this is:

  • Spotify connect compatibility for all devices(this is a must)
    Multiroom support as I will be making more than one
    Local files support from an external HDD and laptops(this is not that important)
The way I would like to have the speakers set up is with 2 speakers in a custom enclosure along with a raspberry pi and amplifier, connected to my router over Wi-Fi. I would be planning to have 2 to 3 of these 'units'.

I would then have another raspberry pi connected to my switch via Ethernet that would act as the server(do I even need this?)

If anyone could help me understand what I need(both hardware and software) and if I should use something like Max2play, I would really appreciate it.

Jun 12, 2018

Thank you for your reply, after many hours of searching the web, I have decided to use Volumio on my raspberry pi.

I have now moved onto building the speaker itself. I was thinking of using these parts:

Also I would like to have only 1 plug coming from the speaker. Is there a way I can power the amp and the raspberry pi from 1 power supply?

Would these parts be compatible together?
Do I need anything else?
Do you have any suggestions for better parts?
Would you recommend using a DAC on the raspberry pi instead of its own audio jack?