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  1. G

    asus R202ca Bezel doesn't come off

    Hi, I'm trying to replace 5 broken touch-screens on my asus laptop into normal screens, but I can't get started because I can't get the bezel off... There are no screws, and it doesn't 'snap off'... SO... I'm rather stuck :) Help would be welcomed :)
  2. D

    DIY eGPU Newb. Need help for this. Thanks.

    hello, I'm new here, i want to ask a few questions about diy eGPUs. 1. can i use a SATA-expresscard adapter to connect the eGPU?(I don't have an expresscard slot, thunderbolt, and i have only one mpcie slot thats being used by wifi card) 2. If it is impossible, can i replace the Wi-Fi card...
  3. Rikokoro

    Custom Audio Project In The Works

    Okay, so as my friends computer tech repairman I have been trusted with their laptops, devices, and gadgets multiple times. Usually when there is a hardware issue with some of the tech or the price to repair it is too high they will just go buy something else and leave me with their discarded...
  4. T

    Baking a Toshiba Satellite... Help?

    Hey guys, So, I have a Toshiba Satellite C850 that broke down on me a year or so ago and I've been working up the courage to bake the GPU. It has a Radeon 7610M in it, according to the specs, and I believe it's safe to assume that the GPU is the problem with it due to the screen artifacting and...
  5. K

    Has anyone made a custom DIY laptop chassis/case?

    I was wondering if anyone has done a custom laptop chassis here. It is pretty interesting if so. Because I have a thick ass SAGER laptop that I want to disassemble and like transfer the parts inside to a different chassis. Is this possible?
  6. B

    Changing the laptop screen?

    Hello guys, I have been using my Samsung Laptop for 3 years and it performs really well for my usage. However one of the cpu/gpu cooler fans are not working causing thermal throttling. That's why I'm using it with the back cover off while there is a powerful notebook fan below it. Recently i...
  7. GilaStomper

    Razer Tiamat Overhead Brace has broken

    My Razer Tiamat's overhead brace has snapped some time ago and I've used cellotape and ducttape as a temporary fix but it gets real messy and only lasts a month. What hardcore DIY fix can I do to sort this out?
  8. A

    Audio Expertise needed for home theater setup

    hey guys, i am a newbie here and am setting up my home theater room and needed some help deciding the best audio and acoustic setup regarding the same.I am very confused and your expert guidance would be welcomed. I currently have two 50 watt speaker which are in really good condition, i am...
  9. M

    Interested in installing an external GPU to my Laptop

    Hello! I am interested in installing an external graphics card to my laptop as a DIY project. I have the Asus X550LA laptop with 2 GB RAM. I upgraded to 4GB of RAM recently. Could anyone help me in going about this? I have never done that before and am not entirely certain how to proceed. Thank...
  10. K

    Lenovo Laptop G50-45 backlit keyboard?

    Has anyone ever tried replacing the stock keyboard with a backlit one? Or if anybody has done a DIY I would like to hear from you. I wish that this laptop came with pre-built backlit keyboard. Thanks!
  11. K

    Suggestions on DIY LED Amplifier? (make LED's go to the beat)

    First: System: LED Lights: (3x) Secondly currently I have them hooked up direct with a switch to a 9V battery and they light up perfectly. Instead of me going out to buy a amplifier is there any way I can bypass it. I know I can do this with a TIP31...
  12. K

    Obtaining replacement keyboard for iBuyPower Valkyrie CZ 17

    Hi all, I am attempting to replace a defective keyboard on my CZ 17 laptop. I know it's an easy fix; I have removed and replaced the keyboard a few times in the course of other repairs. My problem is trying to obtain the keyboard in question. iBuyPower won't help unless I pay for shipping +...
  13. J

    DIY Laptop Concept

    I have a part list put together: I also have a 3D CAD drawing of it. In the drawing, in the case of the laptop, there are 5 80mm fans, which is really ambitious. In reality, I'd only have 1 or 2, but I'm not sure the best place for them. The...
  14. Pankaikz

    Full Water Cooled Entertainment System

    Alright, y'all, I have a few ideas. I figured I might as well go ahead and type them out. Kind of just thinking out loud and sharing what I'm about to do. In my bedroom I have a home theater setup. Only large speakers (Floorstanding JBL's and Klipsch, Paradigm, Bose, and some others). Well...
  15. C

    Wireless water leak alert system

    All, I am not sure this is the right place to ask this question, so I apologize in advance if it isn't. I'm very new to things like Raspberry Pi and other SOC hardware and the world of Linux and have had some experience in VB programming. I'm basically looking to build something that uses a...
  16. D

    DIY laptop help

    Hello again. I am trying to build my own laptop. I know it is very hard and very limited and in most cases it would be better to just buy one but I have some spare time and would like to do it as a side project. To make it a bit simpler, I would like to use an aluminum hard case. It provides...
  17. A

    Image to Ocr text and Text to speech

    Hi! I'm up on a DIY project and want to do the following: #1- extract ocr text from a live video ( just point my phone camera or any other cam towards a document and get the text). #2- send this text output as input to another app #3- convert this text 'input' to speech output using text to...
  18. I

    Question when creating an OS

    I am starting to dabble in Operating System creating, and I am wondering whether or not I would need to start with a clean "Blank Slate" PC or if I can keep my computer as is and code and test on the side. Any help would be nice. Thank you in advance.
  19. R

    Samsung Chronos 700z will not boot or react to BIOS keys

    Dear community, You are my last chance to deal with this horrible head ache. It is Samsung ChronoZ 7 series - NP700Z5C-S03UK intel i7 gt 640m 4gb ram 1tb hard and 0% response. So it started from a Windows 8 met a problem called ACPI BIOS error and was restarting non-stop. Ive tried to access...
  20. L

    How to replace cracked tablet display for Lenovo S8-50

    I have a Lenovo S8-50 Tablet with the display cracked from accidentally dropping on the ground. The tablet turns on fine and pressing on the power button displays the screen without any issue except tablet no longer respond to touches. Since this is a cheap tablet, I'm going to take this...
  21. F

    Tomsguide linking to 3d DIY printer - scam warning

    Hi tomsguide, I wanted to warn you that is scamming customers by delivering unworkable printers. I got their Kossel Mini 3D printer (that you link to as the "best DIY 3d Printer" in your guide here:,review-2236.html ) and it was...
  22. P

    HELP FAST audio setup for pc streaming/youtube

    hello i have picked out some things for a audio setup and was wondering how to set it all up and if i need any thing else i have so far i have picked out 1. at2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone with xlr 2. Nady SMPS-1X 1-Channel 48V Phantom Power Supply 3. Samson SP01 Spider Shockmount...
  23. Y

    Recommend DIY ShockMount for blue yeti

    Can you guys recommend any good and easy DIY ShockMount tutorial for a blue yeti ? cause in my country they are super hard to find :/ Thanks :)
  24. S

    DIY broken motherboard

    i have a broken mb due to some bent pins. i was wondering about and useful ways i could still use this mb? perhaps salvaging the DVI and usb ports? mb:
  25. M

    GPU DIY little project

    Alright, I had an old laptop that died. I have this habit of dismantling every single chip inside before throwing it away. I've got a trove of chips lying around now including RAMS, DVDROMS, Wireless and Bluetooth chips and more. More importantly, I took off a dedicated GeForce GPU. I forgot...
  26. A

    Build Your Own Google Cardboard

    Google Cardboard is a handmade virtual reality experience made of cardboard, lenses, a magnet and some fasteners. Google offers the Cardboard as a low-cost, open-source headset that you can use with your Android smartphone to enjoy a DIY virtual reality experience. Google also offers steps for...
  27. A

    Balance your drone's propellers

    One of the simplest things you can do to make sure that your drone flies perfectly is to balance its props. If the props are not balanced, the heavier blade will cause excessive vibration which will cause extra wear on your motor. It will also make taking any video almost impossible. Balancing...
  28. N

    DIY CCFL bulb replacement, no/bad result

    Hello, good people :) I am having the following drama: Some time ago I was given an old Acer Aspire 5334 with a broken (15.6) screen. It works with an external monitor. At one point I got a second-hand screen and it didn't work. At first it lighted up for a second before going black, but later...
  29. N

    Tailgating TV Audio Issues

    I'm trying to DIY a tailgating set up to run my TV audio through an old car stereo (not installed). The stereo is a Pioneer DEH P-3300 powered by a computer power supply unit (yellow to power, black to ground with the green spliced into the ground). The TV is a 32" Vizio flat panel LED with a...
  30. M

    DIY Laptop Help

    I know how to put component of a laptop together but I am very bad at knowing what products to buy and where to get them. So I have a few questions I would like to ask and feel free to include any insight you might have: 1) Is it possible to buy the laptop casing (palm rest, lcd, bottom...
  31. I

    Replace iphone 5 camera for iphone 5s camera?

    I need to replace my iphone 5 camera. Ii was just wondering... can I maybe put in an iphone 5s camera? Has anyone tried this before? Or does anyone know if this is possible?
  32. E

    DIY ambilight using 60 LEDs per meter?

    Hey, I am hoping to start an ambilight project for my 50" TV. I am curious, however, if anyone here have experience using RGB strips which have 60 LEDs per meter - did you experience any problems using this setup? Thanks :D
  33. S

    need help building my own laptop - DIY laptop

    So I've built a few desktops, but now I need something more portable. I've heard of people putting together barebones laptop systems and I'd like to build my own, in order to customize it my way. This seems like a much harder and more expensive task than building a desktop so I'd like some help...
  34. N

    What super portable, gaming-enabled laptop should I buy?

    I am in the market to buy a new laptop for school, and I want to make my purchase around early to mid August. I have always been more of a DIY desktop guy, so I don't really know anything about the laptop industry. Here's what I'm looking for: - Very portable, as in 14 inches or less, pretty...
  35. CherlynnLow

    Build a Google Glass Alternative for $200

    If you have access to a 3D printer and some technical know-how, you can build your own Google Glass-like frame for less than $200. Build a Google Glass Alternative for $200 : Read more
  36. T

    LVDS to DVI - Options?

    I am working on an LCD Panel, the only connection I have is the LVDS coming right from the T-Con (specifically: IHDC4LV0.2_W). I need to connect this directly to a coomputer using DVI. I do have a LVDS-DVI-R10 (link) The problem with this is that the pinout is quite different. What options are...
  37. E

    DIY Multi-room audio server

    Hello all. So I have a dream. That dream is to have a home media server that can be controlled remotely (tablets, smartphones) that is also capable of serving media to different zones of the house. The goal here is to be able to have four to five different zones that can have the same music...
  38. T

    Build a fast netbook from scratch?

    I have been looking into how to build a netbook from scratch and I can't find any conclusive results. I can't seem to find any barebones netbooks that are 10-13 inches that aren't from the last decade. Could you guys tell me if what I am looking to do is possible? Goal: 10-13" netbook Quad...
  39. G

    Replacing cable boxes with DIY home theatre setup

    I am fed up with paying comcast each month for cable boxes and was wondering if I could instead make my own system with a server that would act as a backend/frontend and two other frontends. I would only like to use one cable card and have DVR functionality so I would like a 4 tuner card. I was...
  40. D

    Error End Fixes

    I've bought and installed ERROREND,a program that is supposed to be a solution to Non Techheads of getting rid of errors when you dont have the know how to go in yr system and do it yourself,Now i've scanned for errors using this software and got rid of the errors it brought up but i cant seem...
  41. N

    Looking for PC passive speakers and Amp

    My speakers have recently become to annoying to deal with as one of the speaker plugs going into the sub has become damaged and cuts out until I reposition it. These speakers are over 6 years old and have served their purpose; it is time for an upgrade. I would like to get some passive speakers...
  42. A

    Software to draw a simple schematic.

    I'm working on a DIY project. One of the steps requires cutting out a 13cmx13cm plate of 1/4inch aluminium and then drilling 4 holes in the plate. The placement of the holes and dimensions of the square have to fairly exact. So I decided to use MS Paint to draw a box with crosses to mark the...
  43. N

    Laptop Overheating? DIY fix it for 1cent

    WOW it took me a month to figure this out... It started with the computer randomly freezing resulting in a required hard reboot...this brought me to forum after forum after forum....yada yada i have a dv7 3165dx hp laptop...for most hp dv series you can fix your overheating laptop (usually...
  44. tuxborg

    In search of: Cheap, Business-Class, Portable-ish, Refurb Laptop

    $400 I think 13-14'' is a sweet spot, but any size will be considered. Doesn't matter much. Needs to be portable, but doesn't have to be ultra-light. I have a strong back. 3 hours would be a minimum. Nope. It will be used for light office work, browsing, and skype while I travel. I'll...
  45. G

    Android Apps for Cheating Games

    Stuck and stymied by an impossible challenge? Try out these DIY cheats for rooted Android gaming. Android Apps for Cheating Games : Read more
  46. m3owm1x3r

    Custom Laptop Build(DIY)

    Hi All, I'm a new poster who is looking to build a new desktop replacement/gaming laptop. I was wondering if you could help. Requirements: 17.3" Full HD Screen Blu-Ray Burner 16GB Ram SSD Boot 7,200 RPM HDD Core i7 Good Graphics(GTX 660+) Webcam Finger Print Reader Here's what i've come up...
  47. T

    Smart Phone Antenna

    I was wondering if anyone knew of the basic design of a smart phone's antenna? I am currently trying to build a DIY antenna without any prior knowledge in the matter (This is proving to be quite hard). I have scoured the internet for helpful information, but most questions are more along the...
  48. J

    Upgrading Crucial SSD hard drive on Dell Vostro 220 - DIY

    Hello...I am rather new to this, but here is my question. I have a Dell Vostro 220 with the original hard drive. Can I add a second hard drive, which is an ssd, to work in conjunction with the original hard drive, and leave both of them in the machine? Thank you. Jennifer
  49. G

    16 Awesome DIY Projects We Saw at Maker Faire

    Out on the fringes of tech culture lies Maker Faire: an experimental extravaganza where everyday tinkerers and inventors show off their quirky homemade projects. 16 Awesome DIY Projects We Saw at Maker Faire : Read more
  50. tuanmai

    Energy Saving Light Shuts Off Every Time You Blink

    Designer creates DIY device that turns off the lights every time you blink. Energy Saving Light Shuts Off Every Time You Blink : Read more
  51. G

    In A Pinch? Make Your Own Gadget Accessories

    In under 30 minutes, you can make tech accessories at home – with readily available stuff. 3 DIY Projects: speakers, cases, and earbud holders. In A Pinch? Make Your Own Gadget Accessories : Read more
  52. O

    Laptop recommendation for diy repairs

    Hi, I'm looking to get a new laptop. I now have a Dell Studio that I have had to replace the optical drive in. I managed to find the service manual for it online and was able to do so reasonably okay. I have since had to replace the cpu fan in the Lenovo laptop I use at work. I was able to...
  53. P

    DIY Folded Horn circa 1960

    Hello, The Sweet Sixteen discussion reminded me of a simplified folded horn design my dad built from some long lost plans in the late 50' or early 60's. They had a single 8 or 10 inch driver in a simple 3 chamber box. The speaker sat in the top of the middle chamber angled back firing upwards...
  54. C

    Software questions from new DIY'er

    I first wanted to apologize if there is an article covering this, but I lost my patience trying to find one - Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. I'm new to building a computer, in fact I am considering embarking on my first build it yourself computer. I have spent about two...
  55. A

    Acer laptop cmos reset

    Acer 5720z 4126 Aspire one repeats, current password: ? I ampretty well diy so tell me how to reset the cmos password. tks
  56. dconnors

    DIY: Fixing your iPhone or Android Device

    Is a several hundred dollar repair job is your phone's only savior? Think again, as do-it-yourself fixes and teardowns are easier and more popular than ever. DIY: Fixing your iPhone or Android Device : Read more
  57. M

    Upgrading Crucial SSD hard drive on Dell Vostro 3450 - DIY

    So, I finally figured it out. I have to warn you that first, I don't have any video of the process. And second, this is not for the inexperienced. Rule of thumb, if you see a screw, you will need to remove it. *Before you start this FYI and is use at your own risk and makes sure you make a...
  58. J

    Toshiba 42lx196 flashing red light diy

    I had a power surge and the television won't power up. Get a flashing red light (3 flashes, about 3 second interval). Tried holding the power switch and waiting, didn't work. Also left it unplugged overnight, to no avail. I opened up the back. I have seen some suggestions about what to...
  59. D

    Solved! Power Supply Rubber Cord Ripping DIY Fix?

    Hello everyone. I have a question about "repairing" my power supply cord. Basically the part of the cord which connects from the laptop to the power supply, the very tip, the rubber outer casing has ripped and I can see lots of small metallic cords which I'm sure are not supposed to touch the...
  60. S

    DIY Power Cable

    Hi, Wondering if anybody can help with an issue. Im trying to connect two laptop power adapters together but have some concerns. They are both 19.5v, just the internal wiring is different. The original Dell laptop adapter has 3 internal wires running through it, Black, White and Green but...