Toe Swimpskin

Feb 5, 2014
I have been looking into how to build a netbook from scratch and I can't find any conclusive results.
I can't seem to find any barebones netbooks that are 10-13 inches that aren't from the last decade.
Could you guys tell me if what I am looking to do is possible?

10-13" netbook
Quad core, fast processor. (Dual core would be fine too so long as it was lightning quick)
4-8gb DDR3 RAM (6 would be optimal)
4+ hours battery life
USB 3.0 (or SATA)

I'm not trying to run games or anything too hardware intensive, but I would like to be able to put a screen on it with a DPI of more than 300, and be able to stream 1080p video, so (if this is even possible) would it be better to aim for an AMD APU or Intel with integrated graphics?
I would be willing to wire/weld/build it myself, if necessary.

Thanks for reading