Making my own Oculus Rift (HMD) -- Need help!

Michigan Tech

Jul 18, 2016

I am building a head mounted display--much like the Oculus or Vive.

I really am a fan of the new StarVR headset, but cannot bear to image the cost. I do not want it to be like the Vive in the sense that it tracks room scale, but will be using it with something like the Virtuix Omni.

I plan on using two Xperia Z5 Premium screens. They are really nice, small, 4k screens.

I am trying to figure out how to make it compatible with my computer. It is really hard finding a converted. I don't care if the touch aspect doesn't work... for obvious reasons...

With some simple google searching, I found this but am concerned that it will be too big or not even work.

I'd be making the frame out of some thin plastic sheets and using epoxy to join them. It may be crude but hell, I'd rather spend $300 on a headset than $800... for equal or possibly even better performance.

Thank you all! Am excited to put this together!


I am going to use that HDMI to mipi converter to use my dual 4k screens. But I need to figure out how to just process the one 4k screen and display it on both. I don't think that any GPU on the market can support dual 4k for VR. I tried looking for 1x2 HDMI splitters but I cannot find any that will directly mirror my display... The splitters I am finding are literally splitters, and are not the solution to my problem.

As of right now, I need help finding an interface that will allow me to only process one 4k screen and have an output for 2 4k screens. I do not have a beefy, crazy overkill computer, and 4k is still a worry for me. I might even back down to 1440p.

And I am also having issues trying to figure out if 60hz is enough for VR, or if I need to find a 90hz phone screen.

Thanks to everyone! Have a great day!!


May 25, 2012
So, how much coding do you know, and how much experience do you have with electronics, and finally, how good are you at maths?

What you are trying to do will be almost impossible for anyone that doesnt have a deep knowledge of all these.