Solved! Wireless BA Sub, needs to be wired!

Sep 6, 2018
Hello. I acquired a BA TVee Sub I would like to add to my system. The issue being it has no other ins. I have the schematics, I have it apart. I would like to keep using it as a powered sub.
My question: Could I remove the wireless module, and add my own streamer, then connect to my mac via aggregate device? I believe I could. I Just need a bit of guidance.
If not, I'd be happy to wire it, but may still need a bit of guidance. I'll attach a picture, and a couple schematics. Any help would be appreciated.
You may be able to add a different wireless module but it may introduce a delay issue so I would just wire it.
If there is a clearly defined wireless module then the output of that would be connected to the same crossover/amp input you would need to wire to the computer.