Need help with EMI shielding in a ribbon mic


Jun 14, 2014
I have plans on making a compact noise canceling DIY ribbon microphone from scratch. All the 3D models are done (most of it will be 3D printed) and it ended up being quite neat. But its structure itself poses a big problem. Since it's small, the 2 transormers (2 ribbons) end up being too close to the cartridges, but the interference is weak enough to be cancelled by simple EMI shielding. Now to the real question, what material should I use for the EMI shield, I don't care about it being expensive as long as it's within reasonable limits.

PS: I won't buy a ribbon mic because they are too expensive for what they offer, and the cheaper ones have too much interference. Also, I can't just pick a random ferrite bar for the shield because of the specific layout.