Need help with a microphone


Jan 13, 2014
So I have tried doing some searching but having trouble finding something to fit my needs and I have never known much about microphones.... SO I figured I would ask for some help where I have found help in the past good old tom's Hardware.

Here is what I need. I'll be playing the new MMO Wildstar. I plan on using my ear buds or a headset I have (with no mic) to hear the game but I will need a microphone for talking to my guild and friends at times. I dont want any kind of mic that clips on my shirt or anything SO i was think about a microphone that sit on the desk. It could ether sit off to one side or between my keyboard and myself. I would help it doesnt pick up to much of the clicking of the keyboard as well. USB would be my preferred method of hookup but it doesnt have to be.

I was hoping to spend less than $50 but willing to stretch up my budget some if it make a difference but not willing to go over $75.

One person recommended the Samson Meteor, but I'm afraid it might pick up too much background noise and the keyboard. Anyone have any thoughts on it or something else I could get for my purpose.
take a look at..
blue snowball ice
blue snowball

the cheaper ice model only has a cardioid pickup pattern (best for voice pickup) while the other one has a switch for 3 different patterns. this is a popular choice for youtubers

another good choice is the..
audiotechnica atr2500

both this and the blue have great quality sound.


you should probably have a pop filter (you can buy this or make your own)

i would suggest an anti-vibration mount and/or a stand to keep it away from the keyboard but cardioid pickup patterns can definitely help to reduce this.
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