Need assistance in repairing MSI G70-0NC laptop.

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Captain British

Mar 15, 2016
Hey lads, so recently my Windows 10 installation became corrupted somehow. None of the repair tools worked, Safe Mode would simply crash as soon as I attempted to boot into it and a recovery disk did nothing. So, no problem. Format and reinstall. But no dice. Every time I attempted to boot back into in any way I was greeted with the "No root file system defined" error.

I've tried five different Windows installation ISOs on a live USB, three different versions of Windows (7, 8.1 and 10) and all of them produced similar errors at some point during the installation process. Those errors being 0x80070570 on the Windows 7 installation and 0x8007025D on the Windows 10 installation

At first I thought it might be because I was using a USB Hard-Drive instead of a flash drive for my Live USB so I went out and got a new 32gb Sandisk Flash Drive and, while it seemed as if the installation was getting further along somehow, I would still eventually either get the same error or a blue screen.

Oddly, however, I can install Unbuntu from the same devices with no issues what-so-ever. That is how I am currently writing this thread.

Through researching the errors I came across numerous responses saying there was likely a RAM issue so I downloaded and ran Memtest and, of course, after running it for just over an hour I had more than 65535 errors (the counter gave up keeping track about twenty minutes into the scan.) There's no way for me to easily open up my laptop right now because I don't have the tools to hand so I can't test the RAM individually but I think it's safe to say that at least one of the sticks is completely buggered.

So, what's next? I have a decent amount of experience with working on computers but next to no experience working on laptops. The idea of opening mine gets me quite anxious.

Could someone provide me with a link to appropriate replacement RAM for my MSI GT70-0NC-008US laptop and some information as to how I would replace the RAM and the tools I will need to order to do so, please? Or if any of you have any other ideas on how I could fix this without the need for replacing RAM, I'm all ears. It still confuses me as to why Unbuntu runs with no problems but I cannot even get Windows to install.


I need instructions on replacing the RAM in my MSI GT70-0NC-008US laptop and links to the appropriate replacement RAM and tools, please.

Edit: I just realized there was a more appropriate sub-forum for me to post this in, sorry for the mistake. If a moderator could move the thread I would appreciate it.
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