How to Clear Siri’s History Logs From Your MacBook


Siri is an effective Voice Assistant on your MacBook. It can allow you to browse through Finder or access the internet without needing to touch your Mac. Your Siri requests are used by Apple to improve their services, yet there is no delete button to erase your entire Siri history.
It is possible to remove Siri’s history. Simply follow the steps below.

1. Click on the ‘Apple’ logo
Click on the ‘Apple’ logo in the navigation panel on your Home Screen. A drop-down list will appear.

2. Select ‘System Preferences’
Click on the ‘System Preferences’ option in the drop-down list. The ‘System Preferences’ dialog box will appear with several icons. Tis he ‘Siri’ option towards the bottom of the ‘System Preferences’ dialog box.

3. Click on ‘Siri’
Click on the ‘Siri’ tag in the dialog box. The ‘Siri’ preference settings will open.

4. Disable ‘Siri’
Uncheck the box next to the ‘Enable Siri’ option. This is below the ‘Siri’ icon on the left of the settings screen. After this, close the ‘System Preferences’ Settings.

5. 'Restart' Your MacBook Pro
Click on the ‘Apple’ logo on your home screen. Select the ‘Restart’ option from the drop-down list and click ‘Restart’ on the confirmation message.

6. Enable 'Siri'
Open ‘System Preferences’ as in the second step. Open the Siri preference settings by clicking on the Siri icon in the ‘System Preferences’ dialog box. Check the box next to the ‘Enable Siri’option on the left of the dialog box. Siri will be activated again, and the previous search history on your Mac database will be removed.

Since Siri sends data regarding all searches and use of its voice assistance to Apple servers, it is only possible to remove Siri’s history from your MacBook, not erase it entirely.