How To Connect MacBook Pro To TV

The Airplay application has been very resourceful in helping stream videos without the need for a cable connection. One can stream such given videos directly to the HDTV from the Safari application. Other compatible applications are such as the quick time player. The HDTV can also be used to project your MacBook wirelessly.

■Airplay connectivity with Safari and quick time player
It is important to note that not all videos can be streamed but the given applications effectively let you stream your authorized videos.
1. Go to playback controls
2. Navigate to the Airplay icon

Here you can see the list of compatible television sets.
3. Select a device to establish a connection

Airplay can also be utilized to mirror your MacBook device.
1. Activate display functions
This can be established by turning on the display functions of both the Mac and the television set. From Airplay's status bar the TV device will be automatically detected.

2. Click on the device to establish a connection

Additional options are also available on the menu bar such as mirroring the MacBook display or using the television as an extension of the device’s operation.
3. Press the menu icon on TV’s remote
This switches off the extended display.
In the instance where you cannot locate your Airplay icon as it should appear on the menu bar indications are that the television set may not be compatible to the application or its system has not been developed enough to meet the stipulated requirements. Other factors that may prevent the establishment of an elaborate connection could be the firewall settings in use.
1. Go to system preferences

2. Select the security and privacy option
Navigate to the lock icon to put in your administrator's name and password details.

3. Navigate Firewall options

4. Click to allow automatic connection

■Error codes arising from Airplay connection
Most issues that disrupt connectivity can be remedied by a simple troubleshooting procedure. Connectivity issues arise when the network has too many users hence affecting the strength of its signal. For a smoother experience, you may consider enhancing the memory of the device so as to sustain optimal connectivity.
Check memory status
By navigating to the activity monitor one may access the memory tab so as to point out the memory status of the device.
HDTV picture quality
The quality of the display depends on the authenticity of television graphics software. The modifications made to enhance the television’s picture quality may not be the most suitable for the MacBook’s extended display. The HDTV comes with a detailed manual that should help you find the best settings to apply when connecting the MacBook device for the perfect graphics properties.

Basic requirements for wireless connection
The key requirement is the development of television software to be able to facilitate mirroring. Based on the system the guidelines for mirroring will be standard in a wide range of streaming applications available for you in the software market.
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