How to Create a US Roku Account When Outside the Country

Roku is one of the best streaming devices available. Unfortunately, you can only add channels like HBO GO, Hulu, and Netflix if you are using a US Roku account. If you live outside the US but still want to enjoy these channels, here’s how to create a US Roku account.

1. Setup VPN or Smart DNS
Every computer has an IP address which gives away your country location. This makes it difficult to select another country other than the one you reside in. Setting up a VPN or Smart DNS conceals your IP address and lets you surf the web anonymously.

2. Create a Roku account
Once you have concealed your IP address, visit to create an account. It helps if you do not previously have a Roku account. If you already have one you may need to close it and create a new account. Fill in the required details and click ‘Continue’.

3. Select a Pin
You will be required to choose a pin. Your pin security for your account so try to choose a strong one. If someone else has access to your pin they can log into your account.

4. Make a Payment
You will be required to make a payment on the next page. You can either use your PayPal account or credit card to make the payment. If you make payment with PayPal you don’t have to worry about your PayPal country because it will not affect your Roku account. In this case you have to use a valid US address and zip code. This should be your preferred option if you reside outside the US. If you choose to make payment with your credit card, you have to make sure the card was issued in the US. In this case the address you use has to tally with the address on your credit card.

5. Power up your Roku
The above steps must be completed before powering your Roku for the first time. If you have already powered your Roku up you may need to do a factory reset. An easy way to factory reset your Roku is to press the ‘Home’ key 5 times, the ‘Up’ key once, the ‘REW’ 2 times, and ‘FFW’ 2 times then select ‘Factory reset’.

6. Merge your Roku box to your Roku account
Your computer and Roku box will need to be connected on the same router. Open and click on the ‘Link a Device’. Enter the short code generated by the Roku box. If you are successful, US channels should now be available.
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