How to disable background services on the Samsung Galaxy S7


In a phone as powerful as the Samsung Galaxy S7, battery life is already at a premium. It makes perfect sense to disable background services to extend that battery life a little further, or reserve it for those functions you would rather use. So if you want to know how to disable background services on the Samsung Galaxy S7, read on.

Depending on whether you bought your S7 from your cell provider or directly from a retailer, you may have bloatware on your phone also draining power. We shall remove that too.

Disable background services on the Galaxy S7
1. Select Recent apps from the home screen.
2. Select Active apps.
3. Select End for individual apps you’re not currently using or End all if you want a clean slate.
4. Confirm when prompted.

Disable background data on the Galaxy S7
If you’re okay with apps running but want to stop them burning through your data allowance you can stop them.

1. Navigate to Settings and then Data usage.
2. Tap the three dots in the top right corner.
3. Select Auto sync data and uncheck.

Remove bloatware from the S7
Many carriers add their own apps to phones they provide. Most of them are useless and use either battery or data, or even both. Remove them as you see fit.

1. Open the App drawer on the handset.
2. Tap Edit.
3. Select the ‘-‘ symbol on each app icon you want to remove.
4. Confirm removal when prompted.
5. Rinse and repeat for every app you don’t use or need.
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