How To Download A Free Trial Of Microsoft Office 365

There are a number of productivity applications that are centered around office work available on the internet in both freeware and licenced versions but non more popular than Microsoft's offering the generically tagged Office suite. This tutorial will show you how to install Microsoft's Office 365 version of the office suite in a free trial version.

    ■Open your web browser and type into your address bar and hit enter.

    ■Click on For Home.

    ■Click on Try for free.

    ■Click on the green Try for 1 month button to initiate the process.

    ■Although the software isn't purchased off the bat the users details, inclusive of login information

    and payment methods

    will be necessary as the software will begin billing post the first 30 days of installation of the software. If you'd like to prevent any deduction from your account prior to expiration of trial period you can cancel subscription by logging into to

    ■Once the details are provided, you can then move on to installing the software suite.

    ■Accept the licence agreement and click on next until you reach the end of the installation. Should you wish to change the installation directory please be sure to look through the customize option in the installer's window.

    You've successfully installed your trial copy of Microsoft's Office suite.
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