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    Solved! Is Office 365 compatible with Office 2013?

    I do not have any Office software on laptop #1. My desktop has the expired trial of Office 2013, so I'd like to purchase the multi-device Office 365 for both of these. Do I uninstall Office 2013 on desktop before installing 365? My other laptop #2 has a purchased Office 2013 installed. This...
  2. N

    Solved! Backup entire Office 365 domain

    My company is looking for a backup solution to back up our entire Office 365, including emails, SharePoint online site collection, and users OneDrive data. Checked some brands like Veeam, Upsafe, Cloudbacko, Systools, MailsDaddy. Not sure which one is good. Any suggestion?
  3. A

    Solved! Dell XPS 13 two-finger touchpad scrolling freezes office 365 excel only using OneDrive

    A two finger touchpad scroll freezes screen when using Office 365 Excel when on document using OneDrive. Is ok if doc is from the HD. Also, no problem with external mouse. Touch pad works fine in every other application. Any ideas?
  4. A

    Solved! Can I remove Office 365

    Will deleting Office 365 delete my Office? If I open Word or any other app, and click Account, it shows Office 2019, not 365.
  5. J

    Solved! Office 365 HELP

    I have an Acer Aspire with one year free Office 365. Am writing a novel, about half-way through. Suddenly the programme editing has gone mad. It has started to edit the whole document, but won't let me edit or even write more. I really need help. Janbam
  6. M

    Solved! Different versions of Office 365 apps being installed ?

    I get a free Microsoft Office 365 subscription through my college. When I download and installed Office on both my desktop and my laptop, it looks like two different versions of Office 365 apps are installed on each computer ? What I mean is on my desktop it also installed OneNote 2016 and...
  7. J

    Office 365 and Office 2016 Professional

    I am working in a non profit organisation Microsoft have offered us Office 365 Nonprofit Business Essentials, Which is free of cost upto 300 users Office 365 for non profit have only online office application. We have license for Office 2016 Professional. My question is can we integrate Office...
  8. U

    How do you stop Microsoft One Drive for Business from running?

    I have a Windows 10 laptop with Microsoft Office 365 installed on it. I don't use the regular One Drive, nor do I use One Drive for Business, and One Drive for Business tends to run in the background on my laptop. I need to go into the system tray and right click and hit exit to get it to...
  9. Tomitsa

    Selling Office 365 licences

    I have a theoretical question about selling Office copies online. If you work in a company and a company gives 5 Office Proplus licences to every worker, is it illegal to sell the remaining 4 online? People contact me and I go to their house or connect via Teamviewer and install it for them for...
  10. W

    office 365 serial key

    Hi guys, can you help with office 365 version 17011 serial key ?
  11. J

    How to save OneNote directly to OneDrive?

    Hello Everyone, Let me first say, thank you for reviewing my post! What I am trying to do, when I am at work; I want to save my OneNote notebooks to OneDrive. I do not want to save them there locally. My school has Office365 with SharePoint integration. When I am at home, working on my...
  12. moulderhere

    Can you get MS Project and MS Visio within Office 365?

    I have a project for a couple months needing those software. I'm NOT wanting to buy the software out right, I'd rather rent use. Anybody know if you can get these licenses through office 365?? Thx
  13. I

    microsoft office 365

    will I lose my Word application on my surface tablet if I don't renew subscription for office 365?
  14. kep55

    Office365 borked Office 2013 access

    After getting licenses for Office365 thru our IT vendor over a year ago, we finally decided to use one feature not in Office 2013. We created temp passwords for everyone with the requirement they reset their passwords on first use. Well, some genius at Microsoft decided to include the...
  15. C

    I just bought a new HP Stream. I installed Office 375 but Publisher was not with it. Is there a reason or what do I do?

    I do not have Microsoft Publisher after activating Office 365 on my HP Stream. Is there a reason?
  16. K

    Office365 Activation Problems

    I installed office 16 on my granddads pc about a year ago using some shady AutoKms program. Now that activation isn't working anymore. I bought office365 for him.So I uninstalled the old office and using microsoft toolkit I also uninstalled Kms service. Then I installed office using my microsoft...
  17. E

    "Hidden" text" in Word in Office 365

    I am using Office 365 Version of Word. There appears to be "hidden" text that I cannot see but others can and which also prints. I followed the steps above and all is well. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  18. C

    Office 365 virus ?

    This is very strange. I can not find an answer to this. On Sunday 12/05/16 i had my computer on using photoshop. I used it for a few hours and turned it off. On Monday 12/06/16 I got home from work and had an email from Ebay stating "MC999 Unauthorized use of your account -- Action required" I...
  19. E

    Outlook Sent Box Missing in Office 365

    I do not have a sent box with Windows 8.1 or my 2016 edition of Office 365. I have tried to search for a solution but have not found an answer.
  20. Lutfij

    How To Download A Free Trial Of Microsoft Office 365

    There are a number of productivity applications that are centered around office work available on the internet in both freeware and licenced versions but non more popular than Microsoft's offering the generically tagged Office suite. This tutorial will show you how to install Microsoft's Office...
  21. F

    Advice on refurbished Thinkpad T420 Vs Recent budget laptops sub 200GBP range

    I'm planning to buy a refurbished Lenovo T420 for under 200 GBP. Its specs are: 14" Lenovo Thinkpad T420, Core i5-2520m, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD, Windows 7 Pro, New Battery. My question is: 1) Whether these machines can run Windows 10 smoothly & 2) Does it make sense to purchase a refurbished...
  22. why_wolf

    Office 365 Business

    We're thinking about setting up the people in my office with Office 365 Business to finally upgrade them off of Office 2003 (i sh*t you not). Anyways I was just wondering what kind of experience people have had with it. We could buy straight stand alone copies but frankly I don't want to...
  23. Tradesman1

    Googling offering Free CLOUD Services

    Google is offering Free Cloud services to users of Office 365 and others:
  24. Tradesman1

    New Folder in MS 365 Outlook

    If using MS's 365 and/or Outlook, might check for a new Folder called CLUTTER, it's an add-on they put in I just discovered that may well move emails into it with no notification to you, so you don't even know you've gotten them. On my 365 Outlook accounts, there is a 'Notification' of this...
  25. A

    Bypass msoffice 365?

    my old laptop with office pro 2010 died. my new laptop has only office 365 and I don't want to use it. msoffice online won't accept the product key for 2010 pro and tries to force me to set up 365. Any ideas?
  26. B

    how to migrate godaddy mail to office365

    We are a small non profit with mail pointed to a GoDaddy domain. We want to export mailboxes and import to Office 365 domain then change records so all mail flows to Office 365 domain.
  27. C

    Help With Excel 2013

    i am creating a basic combo chart in excel that shows populations of wolfs and deer over time. my x axis is suppose to be from 1991-2000 however i am unable to change the x axis data. i have tried everything. i tried selecting the data and when i do that the "select data source" box says my...
  28. C

    Office 365 noplay/using the same email on two differnt computers

    My company use office 365 exchange online. I have two computers, in two different spots. One uses Outlook 2010, and other uses Outlook 2007. The outlook 2010 one receives and sends out emails. Which that's how i want that one to work. But the Outlook 2007 one, I only want to send emails. I don't...
  29. H

    I have a product key for office 365 and have loaded it on my PC. I now want to put it on my hudl. Do I first need to have

    I have a product key for Office 365 and have loaded it on my PC. I would now like to load it on my hudl. Do I need to first load Windows onto my hudl, and then how do I load Office 365 on it.
  30. ravi kumar n

    office 365 outlook configuration

    hi....... can anyone help me out in configuring ms outlook configuration for office 365 in windows 7???? pls reply me as soon as possibl......thank u
  31. F

    Outlook 2013 View Settings Change

    Howdy Toms! Long time troller, first time poster. Here's my issue: I have a user whose Outlook 2013 view settings keep changing on him when an email (internal or external) arrives into his inbox. The change doesn't always happen immediately -- sometimes he'll close Outlook and reopen it to...
  32. mjmcdonagh1

    Upgrade from Office 365 Home Premium Trial to Office Home & Business 2013 Paid

    Hello, When I initially setup my PC, I had ordered Office 2013 Home & Business but it hadn't arrived yet so I just setup the Office Trial which was pre-installed on the machine. I hadn't realised that the trial was for Office 365 not Office 2013. I know that the trial expires in a few days so...
  33. exfileme

    Microsoft Shooting for Weekly Refresh with Office

    Microsoft is taking cues from Yammer. Microsoft Shooting for Weekly Refresh with Office : Read more
  34. K

    Office 365 OWA error

    Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Security.LiveTransientHRESULTException: LiveId authentication code has returned error 0x80049234 PP_E_RPS_REASON_POST_TICKET_TIMEWINDOW_EXPIRED, indicating that there's a temporary problem with the remote server. Please check the Application event log for detailed...
  35. G

    Office 365 Launches Microsoft Against Google

    There has been nothing natural about the launch of Microsoft's cloud office suite. Office 365 Launches Microsoft Against Google : Read more