How to Download Movies on Netflix

Downloading movies or shows on Netflix is a great way to watch your favorite content when you’re offline. Netflix comes to your rescue when you are on the go, or have a long plane ride where there’s no internet or has to be paid for. Here you can download choose movies on to watch later.
The Netflix app presently allows movie downloads for both Android and iOS. If you have a Windows computer or laptop, downloading is also possible provided you have the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, or later. Netflix downloads are presently not supported on computer browsers or other devices. Try these simple downloading steps for your device.
What is required to download Movies on Netflix?
  • ■ Netflix Streaming account
    ■ Internet Connection
    ■ Devices like an iPhone, iPad or an iPod with 9.0 iOS or later
    ■ An Android phone or tablet with 4 or 4.2 or later
    ■ A computer or tablet with Windows 10 or later
    ■ The latest version of Netflix Android, Netflix IOS or Netflix Windows 10
Steps to Download Movies on Netflix
1. Make sure your Netflix App is up to date

Make sure your device is set on ‘auto update’. Click on the app in Google Play for Android devices, and in the App Store for iOS devices. In Windows 10, choose ‘Store’ in the taskbar. Choose Menu, and click the user icon to select Updates or Downloads. The Netflix app will start updating once you select ‘Check for Updates’.

2. Select the Download Quality
There are two download qualities available with Netflix - Standard and High. Standard downloads faster on your device and uses less space, while High takes more time and more space. To select the download quality, scroll down the App Settings, and click on Video Quality to select your preferred quality.

3. Select the Movie you want to Download
Not everything is available to download, but to make things easier a special list shows what’s ‘Available for Download’.

4. Begin Downloading
To download, select the ‘Download’ icon attached to the movie you want to see. Android users can download titles onto the storage device where the Netflix app is stored. If you want to download on an SD card, you have to install the Netflix app there too.

5. Watch the Downloaded Titles
The ‘My Downloads’ section can be selected by clicking on the menu button in the upper left corner of the app. The ‘My Download’ folder can be seen above the Home section. Here you can view the title’s running time and the amount of space it has used.

Now just sit back, relax and click on the video thumbnail to watch your favorite movie.